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Leads at trade shows: A long process from capture to follow up

Let's say that, after months of preparation, the time has finally come: the trade show! The marketing team was busy designing a booth, creating brochures, printing lead forms, booking hotels, and advertising. On the other hand, the sales team heads to the trade show with great expectation.

Success is not long in coming: The booth fills up and the sales team successfully generates numerous leads. The team carefully writes down contact data and meeting details on paper, distributes brochures and catalogs, and arranges follow-up appointments. Sounds promising, right?

Two people at a fair with lots of books, flyers and paper.

After a successful week at the trade show, all the colleagues are back in the office. What do they have in their luggage? Piles of forms, business cards, and many other handwritten notes. The marketing team immediately gets down to work... If only there weren't so many business cards and unreadable sheets of paper.

After the tedious data entry, the sales team can finally follow up with the leads (two weeks later). In the meantime, the potential customer has already placed an order with the competitor who sent him the requested information and the offer directly after the trade show.

Two overworked employees at their desks with a mountain of paper of trade fair contact data to sort through.

Why start digitizing your trade show activities?

Woman holding a tablet with snapADDY VisitReport

Digital lead capture

With a lead capture app, you can record trade show contacts without using the usual paper sheet. Instead, you can use a digital questionnaire that dynamically adapts to the course of the meeting. As a result, you save valuable working time, since information recorded on paper no longer has to be entered manually.

Display of a tablet and thank you email exchange

Trade show follow-up

Thanks to the app, you can respond to inquiries immediately after the meeting and send follow-up emails with more information, multimedia files, or an appointment request. This streamlines the follow-up processes and reduces the effort required afterward.

Two people using snapADDY VisitReport (shown on the tablet) to plan appointments.

Reservation of meeting rooms

Managing your appointments is easy - with snapADDY VisitReport you can create meetings and book the necessary conference rooms or equipment. You can view your own meetings as well as those of your colleagues in the well-structured calendar view.

Digital lead capture with snapADDY VisitReport

With the snapADDY VisitReport app, you scan business cards or badges, select CRM inventory data, or transfer contact data from LinkedIn. You can easily export all captured data to Excel, your CRM system, or your marketing automation.

Is it worth investing in snapADDY VisitReport?

snapADDY VisitReport – Everything you need for your trade show activities

snapADDY VisitReport allows you to digitally record all relevant information and contact data of your business contacts in a structured way. The data can be exported directly to your CRM system and during the meeting, you can respond individually to your customers and prospects and organize the respective follow-up.

In this way, you save valuable working time and reduce unnecessary tasks. Studies also show that a fast response time significantly increases your chances of closing sales. While your competitors are still following up, you may have already secured a deal.

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Next steps with snapADDY VisitReport

Create a digital template for trade shows in the dashboard

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Install the snapADDY VisitReport app and creating the first visit report

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Connect snapADDY VisitReport to CRM system


Contact our sales team to clarify possible special cases, such as customized CRM fields, so that the export to your CRM system works correctly.


We schedule an appointment with your IT security and data protection representatives to ensure that we can get started in compliance with the GDPR.


You buy the package that best suits your company.

We arrange a kick-off meeting with your key users and organize individual training sessions to quickly implement the software in your company.

You use snapADDY VisitReport at the next trade show and leave pen and paper at home!

Do you have any questions or want to create a rollout plan with us?

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