Completely bogged down: How to prevent meeting chaos at busy trade fair stands

Trade fairs are an important platform for companies, and it is the aim of every exhibitor to hold as many discussions with potential customers as possible. However, despite careful planning, unforeseen situations can arise. A classic example: A customer arrives at your stand as agreed. You had actually reserved a separate room for this meeting so that you could hold discussions in a quiet atmosphere. However, due to a mix-up or an organizational error, there is no room available. The result is a challenging situation in which you are forced to hold an important meeting directly at your stand, surrounded by the general hustle and bustle.

So how can you avoid such minor dramas?

Efficient communication at trade fairs: Easily reserve and manage meeting rooms

There are a number of challenges when it comes to booking space at trade fair stands:

  1. Limited availability: Meeting rooms at exhibition stands are often limited and in high demand. This can make it difficult to find a suitable room at the desired time.
  2. Scheduling: Exhibition stands often have a narrow time window in which meetings can take place. It can be difficult to coordinate the availability of participants and rooms. This sometimes leads to double bookings and low morale among the team and the customer.
  3. Communication: Communication between employees who want to book a meeting room and those responsible for reserving the room can be unclear or inefficient.

How can you better master all these challenges instead of trying to keep an overview using the familiar Excel list? And without buying a huge end-to-end solution with countless functions that you don't even need?

From the organization of the first customer meeting to the automated CRM entry: snapADDY VisitReport including meetings feature

Dieser Problematik haben wir uns in einem neuen Feature unseres weltweit beliebten Produkts VisitReport angenommen. Mit VisitReport digitalisieren unsere über 2500 Kunden in erster Linie die Erfassung und Nachbearbeitung ihrer Messe-Leads mithilfe individuell konfigurierbarer Besuchsberichte und Fragebögen, die automatisiert im CRM-System hinterlegt werden. Doch die neue VisitReport-Funktion Meetings bietet Ihnen nun auch Möglichkeiten, Besprechungen und die zugehörigen Ressourcen zu organisieren.

How to organize trade fair meetings with VisitReport in detail

With the "Meetings" function, you can create and manage your meetings at trade fairs in the VisitReport software. You can see your own meetings and those of your colleagues in the calendar view. In addition to personnel planning, it is also possible to manage resources (i.e. rooms and, if necessary, equipment) and assign them to individual appointments.

Calendar view with meetings
Desktop calendar view of the Meetings feature

The entire team therefore always has an overview of when and where meetings are taking place and rooms are occupied via the mobile app. The meetings feature makes your organization more transparent. Authorizations can be distributed for optimal management, so that you can control exactly who can book when and how - avoiding double and overbooking. Constantly switching between Outlook and the VisitReport app is no longer necessary and saves time and clicks.

Overview of meetings and resources in the mobile view.
Overview of meetings and resources in the mobile view.

VisitReport: test the meetings feature and digital lead capture now free of charge

Meetings is just one of the many features of snapADDY Visitreport. Would you like to capture leads, create individual questionnaires and have fewer paper wars? Then take a look here for more information about the VisitReport and start your free trial.