snapADDY VisitReport

Digitalize your trade show and field service activities! Create customized questionnaires and record visit reports from anywhere using the app. No matter if it is a new customer or a current customer, snapADDY VisitReport records all your meetings directly in your CRM system.

Digital business reports

Capturing leads and recording business meetings has never been easier: Thanks to the user-friendly VisitReport application, you can capture your visit reports immediately and digitally. This way, you lose neither information nor valuable time.

Advantage thanks to Guided Selling

The customizable questionnaire provides you with the necessary information during the sales meeting and offers the possibility to effectively integrate multimedia content. You will always ask the right questions at the right time.

Full integration into your CRM

snapADDY VisitReport can be quickly and easily integrated into your CRM system. Even while you are closing a meeting with your customer, the completed visit report is immediately available in digital form: Either in your CRM or as an Excel file.

Digital lead capture on trade fairs

Market leader for trade fair applications

Are you still using paper questionnaires during your trade fair attendance? snapADDY VisitReport offers you a double-time advantage: On the one hand, you save valuable working time because you no longer have to manually transfer the lead information recorded on paper to the CRM system.

On the other hand, you have the possibility to respond faster to customer inquiries immediately after the sales meeting at the trade fair, which gives you a great advantage over your competitors. Studies show that quick response times significantly increase the chances of concluding sales. While other suppliers are still busy preparing for the trade show, you may already have a signed purchase order in your pocket!

Use in field services

Whether in field service, maintenance, inspection, or meter reading services, in all use cases there is a customer relationship in which contact data and information must be recorded for further processing or follow-up. Nothing makes more sense than to store visit reports digitally and directly where they are best stored: in your CRM system.

This is where snapADDY VisitReport comes into play. The application meets all the requirements for field service staff and also works when there is no mobile data connection. By replacing clipboards and folders, you not only avoid having to enter data twice but also create a completely new user experience for both the customer and your field service staff through Guided Selling.

Convincing functions

snapADDY VisitReport is the market-leading application for use at trade fairs and field services. The basis for the user-friendly operation is the wide range of features that can be used exactly according to your needs: From coordinating teams and meetings, scanning business cards, customizing questionnaires, fully integrating into the CRM, using branding in your corporate design to automating follow-up emails – Convince yourself!

Scan badges and transfer contact data from LinkedIn

snapADDY VisitReport can be connected to different badge systems on request. As a result, you can not only scan business cards at trade fairs and other events but also scan badges. The recognized contact data such as name, position, and company are recorded in seconds in the smart app, they can be further processed in the digital visit report and exported to your CRM system.

Does your trade show visitor not have a business card or badge? No problem, with snapADDY VisitReport you can easily transfer the contact data from LinkedIn and process it further.

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