Where does the crocodile logo come from?

What's behind our crocodile logo? Often, many of our customers or curious people ask us this question when they see us around with our snapADDY t-shirt. Our crocodile logo makes snapADDY stand out from other B2B IT companies with its eye-catching t-shirts and bags. Where did the idea for the eye-catching logo come from?

To answer this question, we have to look back seven years to the time when the company was founded. Back then, our CEO Jochen Seelig was personally responsible for creating the logo. Based on the name "snapADDY" which stands for grabbing addresses, he wanted to use the logo to represent what already reflects the core concept of our company – the digital capture of contact data and the automatic maintenance of the CRM. The first drafts were very basic and abstract. The idea: a complete square representing complete and up-to-date contact data.

"Grabbing new addresses" is easily associated with a crocodile bite: and why not use this picture? If you look closely at our crocodile head, you will see that it was created from a square. When the crocodile closes, you can again identify a complete square with fully captured contact data. Our logo reflects how easy it is to maintain contact data in the CRM system using snapADDY.

This is how the company with the crocodile logo was born. After several design attempts, we finally managed to get a final and perfected logo which we were delighted with. One of the first designs didn't even have eyes; another looked like it was eating the snapADDY characters.

After a long development process, our crocodile logo is a success. The crocodile head is perfect for all kinds of merchandising items: Our colleagues have several branded t-shirts and bags with the popular crocodile on them. Over the years, more and more crocodile products have been added, from umbrellas to blackrolls. Also, our designers are in charge of creating the logo in various scenarios: Crocodile eats a donut, Crocodile with heart eyes, Crocodile drinks beer, etc. Our crocodile stickers many laptops and other surfaces.

The crocodile has become our corporate identity and all employees identify themselves by working in the crocodile company. A small fan community has also formed among our customers and partners who love to receive stickers or merchandising items with the crocodile on them. Our logo has become the most popular merchandising product at trade fairs. Thus, our CEO managed to fulfill one of the most important objectives that a logo should have: To reflect the company's DNA and to create a great brand recognition value.

Would you like to be part of the company with the crocodile logo? Not only are we constantly expanding our merchandising items, but we are also expanding our team. Take a look at our jobs page, we are looking for colleagues in several areas.


Sarah Höck - Management Assistant: Smiling young woman with long blonde hair
Sarah Höck

Management Assistant at snapADDY GmbH

Sarah Höck has been working as an administrative assistant at snapADDY since April 2022 and is completing her master's degree in psychology. Previously, she gained experience in human resources development at a large fashion company in Würzburg, Germany.