The Field Service App - snapADDY VisitReport

Die Außendienst App - snapADDY VisitReport

Working in the field service brings some pleasant things with it. It means that you travel a lot, often work directly with the customer and gain insight into many companies on site. On the other hand, there is the greater willingness to travel, which one has to bring along, and also the time-consuming follow-up of the conversations in the field service and typing in sales data in your CRM system. In short, it is mainly a frequent paper chaos and annoying task for the sales representative shortly before the end of his working day.

Digital solution instead of manual work

The paper-based documents that are filled out with information from your conversation partner are usually categorized and entered into the CRM system by typing them in. Some companies have already taken this one step further and have their sales representatives accompany the conversation via Excel on a laptop/tablet. The results are then no longer typed in afterwards, but copied into the individual fields in the CRM system. The whole process gets even faster with an app for the sales force, where the respective fields are inserted directly into the CRM system - without any manual copying.



Außendienst Geschäftsprozess

Field service business process

The graphic above shows the typical process of a paper-based sales call with a customer, which was subsequently inserted into the CRM system. There are significant disadvantages that speak against this methodology. The first problem arises from the fact that working with questionnaires, i.e. paper, requires some organizational effort. The completed questionnaires have to be sorted and stored together with the corresponding business card in case of a possible new contact until the sales representative is back at his regular workplace. This organizational effort costs time and in the worst case leads to incomplete or incorrectly assigned entries in the CRM system.

One app for your field service opportunities

Another problem: Due to a media disruption, i.e. a change of medium from paper to computer input, incorrect data can be entered into the CRM system. Therefore, the questionnaires usually have to be stored for some time, or scanned, which in turn can mean additional effort and costs.

This is exactly where snapADDY VisitReport comes into play as an app for the sales force in the field service. In cooperation with our customers, we have recognized the problem that the sales force also needs a digital solution in order to work faster, more efficiently and with fewer errors when capturing sales meetings.

Außendienst Geschäftsprozess mit snapADDY

Field service business process with snapADDY

The graphic above shows the same process in field service when using the snapADDY VisitReport app. The main difference can be seen directly: Some process steps and media disruptions are omitted, which significantly accelerate the entire process with the field service app. The questionnaires are no longer filled out in Excel or even in paper form, but directly digitally on the mobile phone or tablet of the field service employee. You set the questions once beforehand using a web-based configurator. The special thing: The answers to the questions (e.g. text, single or multiple selection, date, number) are automatically inserted by the app into the corresponding linked fields in the CRM system. This eliminates any copying or typing and the business card no longer needs to be stored or archived, but can simply be transferred to the CRM system with a photo via the field service App snapADDY VisitReport.

Our algorithm extracts the contact information from the photo and transfers it to the system - assigned to the right questions. In addition, the use of an app in the field is much more professional compared to a stack of paper. In addition, the design of the app can be adapted to your company branding including logo!

Rely on a modern solution for your sales force and use the snapADDY VisitReport App, a digital version of the visit forms. You won't have to use paper in the field anymore, the annoying administration of the sheets is no longer necessary and the whole process of postprocessing a call is significantly shortened. Immediately after the call, the information is available in the CRM system for all employees!

The advantages of a digital recordings of your reports in the field via App:

  • Comprehensive reporting & analysis of visit reports
  • no more paper chaos & missing documents
  • hardly any more postprocessing necessary
  • Automated mailing campaigns in the CRM system
  • Fewer typos due to standardization