Testing Software Solutions for Extracting Contact Data from Email Signatures

The range of software solutions and other tools for the digital capture of contact data in email signatures is constantly growing, which makes it difficult to choose the right one. Furthermore, the recognition quality of the individual parsers – often the most important selection criterion – varies considerably and can only be determined by time-consuming, manual tests.

On average, employees receive 20 business emails per day. Consequently, email remains the number one means of communication. According to McKinsey & Company, sales employees even spend an average of around 28% of their working week processing emails.

Unfortunately, the contact data from email signatures often remains unused or has to be transferred to the CRM by copy and paste. If the contact data is not stored in the CRM, sales opportunities may be lost or the response time for customer inquiries will be significantly longer.

Automatically Extracting Email Signatures

Incoming emails can also be extracted and processed automatically with smart tools. As a result, manual contact entry is no longer necessary. In addition, new contact data or changes to existing contacts are no longer lost. Besides different functionalities and price models, the recognition rate is a very important criterion for the purchase decision.

To establish a comparison, we have used scientific methods to test the recognition quality of three recognized providers. All of the analyzed software solutions meet the needs of B2B sales and can export the scanned contacts to at least one CRM system.

Test Structure

For determining the recognition quality, the contact data contained in email signatures was initially divided into (up to) 19 categories e.g., first name, last name, phone number, etc. These categories match the individual contact fields of the analyzed software solutions and the standard fields of the most widely used CRM systems.

On this ground truth basis, we used snapADDY DataQuality, HubSpot AI and SigParser to parse the following data and evaluate the recognition quality for each field:

  • 125 email signatures in German
  • 33 email signatures in English
  • 5 email signatures in French

Test results

After testing software solutions and evaluating all the data, we found a decisive result. You can download it here for free.

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