snapADDY is a cooperation partner of the University of Würzburg in the ESF-ZDEX

The Center for Digital Experimentation (ZDEX) is an initiative of the University of Würzburg and the European Social Fund (ESF). This project, ESF-ZDEX for short, is made up of five networks dealing with different areas of digitization: from artificial intelligence and digital media to the automatic processing of natural language. Within these networks, scientific findings and methods are transferred to small and medium-sized enterprises. The project is funded with a sum of two million euros by the European Union.

snapADDY GmbH is a cooperation partner in the ESF-ZDEX project and actively works together with the networks "Data Analysis with Focus on Natural Language Processing" and "Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and (Deep) Learning for the Working World 4.0". The aim of the cooperation is to discuss technical challenges from practical experience with scientists at the university and to develop joint approaches to solutions. In this way, both sides benefit from each other's know-how, as Stan Pilischenko, ESF-ZDEX Manager at the University of Würzburg, summarizes the goal of the cooperation:

“The Center for Digital Experimentation 4.0 (ESF-ZDEX) strengthens the regional medium-sized businesses in Northern Bavaria. The ESF-ZDEX enables the employees of SMEs to expand digital skills with their own specifications and goals.”

Stanislav Pilischenko, ESF-ZDEX Manager at the University of Würzburg

For snapADDY, of course, those scientific findings are of particular interest that can be used for the automatic recognition of contact data. Among the data scientists at snapADDY are Dr. Benedikt Brief, Severin Simmler and Philip Dürholt, several alumni of the University of Würzburg, who actively support this project and are all in a positive mood. Severin Simmler puts it in a nutshell:

“I am very pleased about the cooperation with the University of Würzburg. As a data scientist in a fast-moving field such as computer-aided processing of natural language and artificial intelligence, I consider a discourse between theory and practice to be particularly important in order to be able to use the latest technologies in production at snapADDY and at the same time to be able to return my experience to research.”

Severin Simmler, Data Scientist at snapADDY GmbH

We are already excited about new findings and look forward to working with you! More information can be found on the website of the project: