snapADDY Grabber was yesterday – snapADDY DataQuality is today!

Since the founding of snapADDY, the Grabber has been an integral part of our range of products. Now, the continuous further development of the smart software application is taken into account and a new era is heralded, which is also expressed in a new product name: snapADDY DataQuality.

In August 2015, with an easy-to-remember key combination "CTRL+CC" and a click on the crocodile button, the first chapter of snapADDY's company history began. At the time, the Grabber enabled the automated capture of previously marked address data from the Internet, allowing to export it in a standardized format or import it into a CRM system. The product development of the last five years, always focused on the improvement of data quality in CRM systems, equals a quantum leap. The smart application was not only usefully enhanced with practical functions such as the company data and contact person search but also ensured the direct integration with the most used CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP Sales Cloud.

Grabber becomes DataQuality

Thanks to the successful transformation from an address grabber to a data quality booster, it is only consistent to also adapt the name to the product: Therefore, the snapADDY Grabber becomes snapADDY DataQuality. The current functions and the established user interface remain the same under the new product name.  Besides, new features will be integrated to make data maintenance much easier for CRM users and guarantee higher data quality. A novelty is the automated change suggestions for existing and new contact data based on signatures of incoming e-mails. If most or even all of the company's employees consistently use this tool for updating data, the number of incorrect, incomplete, or obsolete data records should drop to zero! snapADDY DataQuality is the perfect tool for digitizing, researching, extracting, and updating business contacts.

Direct integrations with CRM-Systems

The integration with CRM systems is also being pushed forward at full speed. snapADDY DataQuality will soon be available as an add-in for Salesforce, so that the user interface can be used directly in the cloud and the mobile app via a separate menu item. This extension can be installed via Salesforce AppExchange and is free of charge for current customers. Further CRM integrations are already being planned: DataQuality add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Sales Cloud are to follow in the second quarter of 2021. In addition, DataQuality will also be usable in the snapADDY dashboard as a cloud solution and thus with no installation required.

Free Update for current customers

Current snapADDY Grabber customers profit right from the start from the new functions and possibilities for better data quality in the CRM system: As a token of gratitude for the trust put in us – especially in the last, challenging Corona year – all current Grabber licenses will be upgraded to DataQuality licenses free of charge from the release or software update.