snapADDY CardScanner becomes snapADDY BusinessCards - Free business card scanner and digital business card

With the world's best business card scanner, snapADDY CardScanner, we have been offering our customers a free option for digitizing paper business cards for many years. Business is still based on interpersonal communication and the exchange of contact data. We have therefore developed a new function, which is also reflected in the new product name: snapADDY BusinessCards. The app no longer just scans traditional business cards, but allows you to share contact data with your personal digital business card.

In 2023, snapADDY CardScanner has already scanned 526,631 business cards written in a wide range of languages. The recognition rate is over 99%! We are delighted that many thousands of active users are satisfied with the free application.

The continuous further development of our products is particularly important to us. We have therefore decided to add an important free function to the app: your personal digital business card.
As a result, we have adapted the product name: snapADDY CardScanner becomes snapADDY BusinessCards. All existing functions of the application and the established user interface will be retained under the new product name.

snapADDY BusinessCards
snapADDY BusinessCards: digital business card and business card scanner

Exchanging contact data becomes even easier with your digital business card and offers several advantages over the traditional business card:


You can use your digital business card to share your contact data and important information with your conversation partners in a matter of seconds.


Have you been promoted? No need to update and reorder your business card - simply enter your new position in the app!

Always at hand

Lost, forgotten, out of date? With the digital business card, all your current data is available to you at all times.


A lot of trees are cut down unnecessarily for the traditional business card. With the digital version, you are taking a step towards sustainability.

In just two minutes, you can easily create your digital business card and start sharing your contact data. Register for free on our website and then create your digital business card in the app or in the snapADDY dashboard as shown below.  

  1. Enter contact details, add profile picture
  2. Fill in company details
  3. Upload company logo and background image, select company color
  4. Add individual links such as LinkedIn profile or a meeting booking link
  5. You can then save your digital business card in your Google or Apple Wallet and start sharing your contact data! 

Scanning and sharing contact data is free of charge. Would you like to export the captured contact data to your CRM system and scan unlimited business cards? You can purchase these additional features here for just EUR 5 per month. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.