Sales Intelligence – How to get your sales team back into sales focus

Wouldn't it be a dream to know at the push of a button where the biggest sales potentials are or to identify missed sales opportunities with current customers? It would be a dream come true for every salesperson: just picking up the phone and getting "the job done".

Does this seem too good to be true? This is exactly where Sales Intelligence comes in. This term refers to all software solutions that are designed to make systematic conclusions about open sales potential. The solutions provide the "diamonds in the rough," just to say, that are hidden in every CRM so that the company's turnover can shine again.

Sales Intelligence – a broad term with a lot of clouts

By recording, analyzing, and evaluating data, Sales Intelligence solutions help salespeople understand the "bigger picture". Who might be a potential customer? And where is it not even worth creating a lead? In order to make such conclusions, Sales Intelligence works with the latest technology - mostly in the form of artificial intelligence.

Making inventory data meaningful and usable

In order to bring a targeted structure into the daily sales routine, Sales Intelligence tries to recognize regularities in the inventory data. In this way, the individual buyer persona within each company can be precisely identified. Let us take a very basic example: If I was successful in selling to several representatives of a particular industry, it makes sense to take a closer look at my customers' competitors and then identify my buyer persona.

Buyer Persona: The Buyer Persona is a concept from marketing. In contrast to a target group, for example, the buyer persona has a concrete face. It symbolizes a typical customer of the company and is purely fictitious. By personifying the buyer persona with concrete characteristics and needs, it is easier to better understand the customers' needs and challenges and to use them to achieve the company's goals.

Best-quality inventory data is a must!

To make valid conclusions about the buyer persona, the inventory data must certainly meet the highest quality standards. Otherwise, the profiles of the buyer persona become unclear and success-oriented lead generation is no longer possible.

TIP: With our Data Cleansing projects, we give old data records a new shine - the perfect basis for using the data in all its breadth with further Sales Intelligence solutions.

Once the buyer persona has been identified using the existing data records, we continue step by step. Sales intelligence can not only help to describe the pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, but it can also actively support qualitative lead generation. What information is available on the Internet about potential customers?

Here is also where snapADDY DataQuality comes in. High-quality and relevant sources are carefully targeted to determine detailed information, such as the number of employees, turnover, or industry sector. Particularly in the B2B sector, this avoids the need for lengthy, tedious, and hated manual research work.

Using convenient sales intelligence solutions results in a win-win situation for the sales staff: Targeted identification of low-hanging fruits, without the annoying research effort. So why not see for yourself what snapADDY DataQuality can do for you during a free trial period?

Eva Keller

Sales Manager at snapADDY GmbH

Eva Keller has been an expert for digital sales at snapADDY GmbH since 2017. Previously, she worked for a PR agency in Darmstadt where she was responsible for clients from the children and lifestyle segments. The political scientist started her career as PR manager for a member of the Bavarian parliament.