Refresh of the snapADDY Grabber: Two become one!

The snapADDY Grabber is available in the new version 9.0.0. The comprehensive software update brings numerous improvements in workflow and user experience. To this end, the user interface of the intelligent desktop assistant has been fundamentally redesigned, which can most succinctly be described by the words "Two become one".

1. Two become one - part one: Improved clear design

When opening the detail view of a grabbed contact, you will immediately notice that the design of the user interface has been modernized. The contact information is now displayed in a single column instead of two columns. This allows the eye to concentrate better on the details of the respective row, the view offers a better overview and has also been slimmed down: For this reason, the window of the browser add-on is now a little narrower, leaving you more freedom on the monitor. There have also been some changes in the colour scheme: the bright blue fields of the imported CRM data have given way to a plain green and no longer jump back and forth when selecting the required data.

One step less in single-column design: Detail view and CRM export combined in one view

2. Two become one - part two: Detailed view and CRM export

Grabber Chief Developer Markus Seiffert and Product Designer Marian Friedmann have also placed the second significant innovation under the motto "Two become one". Until now, contact information had to be processed in two different windows: First when entering or enriching the contact in the detail view and then again before exporting it to a CRM system. Now the editing and selection of the data to be transferred takes place in one and the same mask. "This not only eliminates a single view, but a whole work step for the user," says Marian Friedmann, pleased with the standardization. From a technical point of view, this means that the contact is checked for possible duplicates in the connected CRM system as soon as it is opened. "The loading time takes a few milliseconds longer in the first step, but this time is eliminated during export," explains Markus Seiffert.

3. Two become one - part three: New export selection

Until now, two buttons for selecting possible export options were placed to the right of the contact in the Grabber, depending on the configuration: With the first one - symbolized by the respective logo of the CRM system - the CRM export options could be selected, with the second one all other export options could be selected. These buttons are now combined in a new drop-down menu directly below the contact. As a result of this merger, you now have all options (CRM system, Excel, CSV, vCard) clearly arranged among each other at a glance. In addition, the new detailed view adapts directly to the selected export destination. This means that you only see those fields that are relevant for the export.

One step less in single-column design: Detail view and CRM export combined in one view

4. Further improvements

In addition, there are a number of smaller adjustments that we would like to share with you:

  • Duplicate selection
    The general functionality of the duplicate selection is identical to the previous version. However, the look and feel has been given a contemporary relaunch, the operation is much easier and the search is integrated directly into the pop-up.
  • Improved performance
    In the course of the refresh, the performance of the grabber was also optimized, which generally results in shorter loading times.

For the CRM systems Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP C/4HANA, Sugar CRM, Pipedrive, SuiteCRM, and Sage CRM, the following updates are also available:

  • Dependent fields
    In the new version, it is possible to define dependent fields individually using mapping. The most common use case is probably the dependency of a federal state on the selected country.
  • Uniform field types
    In addition, the field types were standardized. The Grabber now supports the following field types: Input, Multiselect, Datetime, Date, Boolean, Text Area, Number.
One step less in single-column design: Detail view and CRM export combined in one view

For Markus Seiffert and his team there is no time to take a deep breath after the extensive refresh, because the next release for the snapADDY Grabber is already in planning. The Chief Developer is full of anticipation: "Soon it will be possible to keep the inventory data of a CRM system permanently up-to-date via the automated reading of e-mail signatures".