Preview: The snapADDY Dashboard - New look, proven quality

Our main goal, in addition to your well-maintained CRM system with higher data quality, is to simplify your daily work and accelerate your processes.

Therefore we have adapted our dashboard for you: From August 2nd the homepage of our dashboard will shine in new splendour!

With the new facelift it will be even easier to find your desired settings, downloads and help pages with one click.
Another plus: The dashboard is now also available in Spanish, French and Italian.

What will change?

With the help of the QuickNav buttons, you can immediately access the desired settings without any detours and with the integrated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), you have the most important topics right in front of your eyes.


  • The new button view takes you directly to the most important parts of the dashboard without having to click through a menu
  • Which buttons are displayed depends on the user's permissions (assigned licenses & user role)
  • The links in the sidebar take you directly to the downloads of our products in all the app stores


  • At the bottom of the page you will find all FAQ articles about our products
  • With the help of filters and the search, you will find answers to almost all questions related to snapADDY very quickly.


  • In the dashboard, you can now also work in Spanish, French and Italian.