The new user management in snapADDY Dashboard

snapADDY Nutzerverwaltung

The motto "New year, new me" is not only valid for some of snapADDY's employees, but also for our user administration in snapADDY Dashboard. With this revision, we would like to simplify the administration of the booked licenses for you.

Last weekend we made the switch to our revised user administration. It makes it even easier for you to keep track of your open and allocated licenses. But this is only the first step: In the future, not only the invitation management will also be revised.

Due to the eye-catching display of the available licenses directly above your user list, you can now see exactly how many of your booked licenses have already been allocated.

snapADDY user management

This list shows an overview of your users and the licenses allocated. If you have booked several of our products, it is now even easier for you to keep control over your licenses. Already when inviting your colleagues you can choose which licenses and which user role they should have.

The administration of the users invited by you has also become clearer. Here you can easily and quickly change the language and roles of your users. The new view also makes it easier to manage the assigned licenses. You can add or remove the licenses available in your booked package from your users at any time.

Next to the product name you can see the number of available licenses.

details snapADDY User Mangement

Attention: If you withdraw the license from an already registered user or delete the user, the license is blocked until the key date of your subscription. If you withdraw the license from an invited but not yet registered user or delete him again, the license is immediately available for new allocation.