Marketing Automation and Lead App – an unbeatable duo for efficient lead management at trade shows

Digitalization and marketing automation – today, they are a must for every company. Instead of implementing them piecemeal, we should think about introducing them into comprehensive processes. For example, at trade fairs, – one of the most important marketing tools of a company – not only the image and customer relations are improved, but also the success of lead generation is measured. And how can you efficiently capture and process leads with intelligent tools to make them become customers as quickly as possible?

Marketing automation & lead app: the perfect duo

Instead of using the classic paper form to capture leads, you can use lead apps. With this you can, for example, scan business cards and badges or capture contact data directly from LinkedIn. Furthermore, you can use the customizable questionnaire to guide you through the meeting and dynamically adapt it to the contact's needs at the trade fair. Media content such as digital brochures, slides, or videos can also be displayed directly from the app.

Even from the trade show booth, you can start with the follow up: with a single click, you can send customized follow-up emails with the documents required by the interested party or you can suggest a new appointment. This way, you can keep in touch with the prospect from the very beginning. In the end, all captured information will be exported in a structured way to the marketing automation system.

A marketing automation system allows you to automatically organize all your marketing activities throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from the trade show lead to the customer.
Thanks to target-defined workflows, customized and targeted content is automatically sent by email at the right time and the right touchpoint. The aim is to awaken or strengthen buying interest and make potential customers willing to schedule a sales meeting. The advertised content and the emails sent can be evaluated immediately: It is possible to optimize existing content, shorten or extend the time intervals between emails, and adjust follow-up activities.

Why is the combination of these two tools unbeatable?

When you combine the features of the lead app with the marketing automation system, you can digitalize and automate the entire customer journey: Lead capture, follow-up, nurturing, and lead qualification. If the processes match perfectly, they synchronize marketing and sales activities practically on their own. As a result:

Your marketing team:

  • does not have to manually enter contact data and information
  • saves valuable work time and resources in follow-up through automated processes
  • complies with GDPR using the opt-in request directly at the booth
  • can evaluate the success of the trade fair immediately on the dashboard
  • implements automated and customized nurturing campaigns based on workflows
  • can check which content needs to be optimized thanks to transparent reporting options

Your sales staff

  • obtains only qualified and relevant leads
  • can react more quickly to customer inquiries through automated processes without waiting until the lead information has been manually entered into the system
  • can focus on the sales process and the customers and therefore close sales faster

Start with this duo at your next trade show

With the snapADDY VisitReport lead app, you can do it: Optimize lead management at trade fairs. With just a couple of clicks, all information and contact data are recorded centrally in the app. The digital questionnaire guides you step-by-step through the meeting and includes all relevant information for your company. The app includes follow-up mailing automation and direct export to the marketing automation systems HubSpot, Evalanche, and Marketo (soon also available for Pardot), which makes the subsequent follow-up process simple and fast. All captured and pre-qualified leads with all relevant content can be transferred directly to the sales team. You can keep in touch through automated email campaigns, even after the contract has been signed. You can not only facilitate your lead management but also improve the customer experience at your booth and customer service. Test snapADDY VisitReport app for free and capture leads now!

Louisa Yavuz - Online Marketing Manager: Smiling woman with reddish-blonde, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes.
Louisa Yavuz

Online Marketing Manager at snapADDY GmbH

Louisa Yavuz is Online Marketing Manager at snapADDY since 2020 and is responsible for different areas such as content creation, lead campaigns, events, and marketing automation. She started her marketing career at an HR software provider.