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Social Selling is currently a key element in the business world. It is practically impossible to miss it on the LinkedIn business platform since the target audience or potential decision-makers can be easily identified and contacted. That's why many companies have included Social Selling in their business processes. In an interview, Social Selling expert Zoran Katic gives us some tips on how to further exploit the potential of the business social network. We summarize the highlights of the Livestream for you. You can find the full video (in German) on LinkedIn and our YouTube channel.

Why data quality is a topic to watch out for

Big Data – the buzzword that people keep talking about lately. Every day, companies receive and process a huge amount of both structured and unstructured data. However, when taking a closer look at what lies beyond the data, many companies discover that the data quality often leaves a lot to be desired.

According to an article in the German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, incomplete master data is the most frequent cause of poor data quality. More than half of the companies surveyed said that poor data quality has a huge negative impact on their processes, and they could save a lot of money with more efficient data management. In an IDC study, 37% of decision-makers said ensuring high data quality was one of their top challenges. They are also convinced that automation and integrations are necessary, but their implementation is often delayed due to poor data quality.

What causes the problem?

Many sales reps have sales targets or a certain set quota to reach. Unfortunately, in most cases, the data quality check is neglected. Improving data quality involves a great effort because much of the master data must be manually entered and updated. Changes are often ignored when existing contacts change their phone number or position – often only the relevant data is processed. For this reason, it is important to have high-quality data:

  • Efficiency: with good data, processes can be much more efficient
  • Targeting: with complete and correct data, marketing campaigns reach the right target group
  • GDPR: by following the regulation, data accuracy and correctness are respected.

Incorrect data has a direct impact on companies' revenue. According to Gartner, the average loss of revenue can amount to $15 million.

However, companies do not notice this immediately on a day-to-day basis, but only after some time has elapsed. Often, problems that have arisen are only detected when it is too late. Consequently, data quality must be prioritized and contact data capture must be automated. This way, it is possible to avoid time-consuming and manually data cleansing.

Smart Autocomplete: Recording contact data directly into the CRM interface

With snapADDY DataQuality we focus on two fundamental features for CRM users. snapADDY DataQuality can be used directly in the interfaces of the Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and SAP Sales Cloud CRM systems – where employees work every day. On the one hand, snapADDY DataQuality is available as a tab and automatically displays suggestions for new contacts or changes for existing contacts. On the other hand, we go a step further with the Smart Autocomplete feature and activate contact suggestions in the matching fields when creating new leads, contacts, and accounts. This data comes from public sources such as business social networks, websites, or email signatures. Thus, the data can be transferred and saved in one click. We aim to establish a key element for automated CRM maintenance and high data quality.

snapADDY DataQuality in the Salesforce interface

Our Customer Success team regularly organizes user training sessions, explaining the latest features and providing best practice tips. Click here for a summary of upcoming appointments.

Social Selling – the key piece in the puzzle of every sales process

On LinkedIn, the world's most widely used business social network, new contacts are created and established contacts are retained every day. Already many companies use it to access their customers and decision-makers.

The No. 1 business network: LinkedIn

Sales representatives often use LinkedIn as an advertising platform and place the well-known "Connect & Pitch" on it. However, they often go straight to the point and, as a result, do not achieve a significant success rate. We were interested in finding out how we could network and exploit the full potential of the platform to put it into practice. Therefore, we asked for support from Social Selling expert Zoran Katic. He shared the following tips with us:

  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Checking the Social Selling index
  • Discovering the interests of contacts
  • Being active in groups and writing personal posts
  • Creating and promoting events
Optimizing LinkedIn profile and Social Selling Index

It is important to remain authentic, not just promote the product, but offer help and impart knowledge. Even sharing a personal insight or two can open doors, as the person is at the forefront. If you want to learn more or create your Social Selling routine, we invite you to scan the QR code below.

Social Selling Routine

During the interview with Jochen Seelig, Zoran Katic, owner, and CEO of Pluspulso, offered even more tips and best practices. If you are interested, you can find them in writing or in the recording (in German).

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