Guerrilla marketing: low investment, high advertising effect – also possible in B2B!

The jungle of communication tools causes many entrepreneurs and marketers to become frustrated. That is why this article is about a special form: Guerrilla marketing. What exactly does it mean and how can it be used in B2B marketing?

The term "guerrilla" seems a bit intimidating at first. Guerrilla marketing is about both the special combat unit working in an ambush, as well as a targeted surprise effect. Of course, in this case, it is not about "combat" advertising measures against competitors.

Guerrilla tactics in marketing are much more about achieving the much sought-after "Eureka" effect and attracting a lot of attention. Once word-of-mouth among media comes into play, a "best practice" for guerrilla marketing has practically been created - an automatic success, emphasizing the "practically." The special aspect that makes these campaigns exceptional is that they work with few marketing budgets and succeed with unconventional methods.

The creator of this genre is Jay Conrad Levinson (1933 - 2013). As a business consultant, creative, and director of several advertising agencies, he created the term "guerrilla marketing" in 1984. He also founded the International Guerrilla Marketing Association.

Tip: If you want to learn more about it, we recommend reading: "Guerilla Marketing of the 21st Century", Jay Conrad Levinson, ISBN-10: 3593508532/ ISBN-13: 978-3593508535.

Think outside the box

Advertising is a phenomenon that invades us every day. Unnecessary or unwanted things disappear. Only the best message that stands out from the crowd wins. This is why good guerrilla marketing measures convince with creative messages, in unusual advertising places with large crowds of people, or by surprising in the appropriate or even precisely the inappropriate everyday situation.

Tip: Find out, for example, where your target group tends to hang out. It doesn't necessarily have to be related to the purpose of your product or service. Think about how you can make potential customers part of your campaign.

Low investment, high advertising effect

Based on the principle of the minimum, guerrilla marketing is considered highly cost-effective. Often, real advertising miracles can be achieved through creative ideas and unusual campaigns. The limits between the offline and online world fade away and a lasting and cross-media campaign can be created quickly using social media - and with few investments.

Find some examples here: Best Practices

Oldie but Goldie: Stickers

How can they be implemented in B2B marketing? Stickers are often the main players in guerrilla campaigns. Whether as giant stickers in busy places or as a discreet message of our lifestyle, party membership, or love for a brand: everyone loves stickers. Whether small or large, young or old, in the car or on the laptop, these stickers can do much more than conventional advertising.

Let's imagine a trade fair: You usually receive tons of giveaways. The ones you keep will be useful or bring you joy. For example, a special sticker that reflects your lifestyle or themes a buzzword from your work life in a fun way.
If you put it somewhere, maybe you will try to get a few more and share them with others. In the end, you can even post a photo on your social media profile. Score! You bring the brand/product/service with you, identify with it, and by the way, advertise it to everybody.
This can be adapted to an equally inexpensive and quick mailing campaign. Simply include the sticker in your next mailing and see what happens.

Give it a try and run a small, low-cost guerrilla campaign in the form of sticker marketing.

Tip: The quality of the stickers is important so that they are as durable as possible and can also be easily removed. We recommend because of the many customization options and the high quality of the vinyl.