Free business card scanner: snapADDY CardScanner digitizes popular exchange objects for free

Having come into fashion in France in the 17th century, the business card has become the most sought-after exchange object in the business world to this day. And this is unlikely to change any time soon. The rapidly advancing digitalization seems to have no effect on the printed cardboard card. While analog processes are increasingly being replaced by innovative high-tech solutions, especially in everyday business life, the question is still asked in the traditional way at business meetings, trade fairs and conferences: "May I give you my card?

This development is also confirmed by the press office of FLYERALARM, one of the leading online printing houses in Europe: "We have been registering a stable, slightly increasing demand for business cards for years. The business card is far from being obsolete as a medium for exchanging contact information. In combination with new finishing techniques and technology with additional benefits, such as augmented reality, the business card remains a timeless classic of business stationery".

The analogue business card is therefore indispensable. Nevertheless, sooner or later there will be no way around the digitalization of the information contained on it. A business card carousel on the desk may look hip - but it hasn't been practical for a long time. Much more efficient is the automated, digital contact capture and storage with a business card scanner like the snapADDY CardScanner. The app, developed in Germany, scores with the world's best address recognition, guarantees maximum data protection and doesn't cost a penny. The interface is intuitive and easy to explain in three steps:

  1. Install snapADDY CardScanner
    The app is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices. After the installation, you can immediately start with the digital capture of the business cards. No registration or login is required.
  2. Take a photo of the business card
    The business card only needs to be photographed with the app. Everything else is done by the snapADDY CardScanner: Within a few seconds the contained information is read and converted into a digital contact.
  3. Save digitalized contact
    A quick, checking view is all it takes and the new contact can be stored in the mobile address book. Manual typing is completely eliminated!

Sustainable increase in quality

Using the snapADDY CardScanner brings an enormous time advantage, which makes your daily work even more efficient. Anyway, the smartphone or tablet is part of almost every business appointment and therefore the business card scanner is in app format. Due to the digital capture, typing errors and number twisting are completely avoided. This results in a lasting increase in data quality.

Speaking of quality: This can be a decisive factor in ensuring that a business card does not end up directly in the paper bin after successful digitalization. So it is hardly surprising that great importance is currently attached to an exquisite appearance: "As a trend, we are clearly noticing a development towards high-quality materials, i.e. high-quality papers and finishes such as hot foil, partial UV or relief varnish," says the FLYERALARM press office. "This trend towards high-quality business cards supports our thesis that the business card will remain an attractive medium for first contact in the future".

The snapADDY CardScanner is available as a free download here:

Or simply scan this QR code with your smartphone and go directly to snapADDY CardScanner in your store:

In addition to the free version there is an upgrade to snapADDY CardScanner CRM for 5,- EUR per month. This allows the direct export of the new contact to the CRM systems Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP C/4HANA, SugarCRM and Pipedrive including automatic duplicate checking.