Evaluation of trade show contacts - Here's the optimal process for turning trade show contacts into qualified leads

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to acquire potential customers and create business relationships. But what happens to all the contacts acquired at a trade show? What's the best way to turn these contacts into valuable leads?

The key is a well thought-out lead process that ensures not only the collection of contacts at trade shows, but also their qualification and conversion into actual prospects. Here are the steps you should take:

1. Collect contact data

First, collect all relevant contact information from your trade show visitors. This can be done in various ways, such as scanning business cards or badges, or importing LinkedIn contact data.

2. Qualify your trade show contacts

Once you have collected contact information, you need to qualify the leads. Doing this, you can determine more quickly whether they are a potential customer. Ask targeted questions such as "What led you to our stand?" or "Do you have a specific interest in our product or service?".

3. Categorise your trade show contacts

After qualifying the contacts, categorize them into predetermined categories. This way, you can determine which contacts are most likely to become sales opportunities. You can e.g. categorize contacts into "hot", "warm" and "cold" depending on their interest and willingness to buy.

4. Follow-up

The next step is to keep in contact and continue to follow up. Make sure to get in touch within 24-48 hours after the trade show and reinforce the prospect's interest. Offer additional information and schedule a follow-up meeting or a product demo.

5. Conversion to sales opportunity

If the contact keeps showing interest, it's time to convert it into a concrete sales opportunity. Put together an offer tailored to the specific requirements. Work closely with the prospect to ensure he or she feels comfortable and understands how your product or service can help.

6. Maintenance of the business relationship

Once you have converted the contact into a sales opportunity, it is important to maintain the relationship and continue to take care of the customer. Make sure you keep in touch regularly and offer additional support and advice to ensure he or she remains a satisfied customer.


The lead process described is important in turning your trade show contacts into concrete sales opportunities. With this structured approach, you can ensure that you qualify and categorize the right contacts and carry out an effective follow-up to convert potential customers into new customers.

It's important to go through the process thoroughly and make sure you listen to your customers and their needs. By working closely together and adapting your offers and services to their specific requirements, you can build long-term relationships and gain satisfied customers. For additional support, use also digital tools such as the snapADDY VisitReport app, which helps you with contact capture, qualification, and follow-ups using automated thank-you emails. If you want to take a look at snapADDY VisitReport, you can book a product demo with one of our experts using the following link:

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to meet potential customers and create sales opportunities with the right lead process. Remember that maintaining and nurturing your business relationships is essential to long-term success.