Digitize business cards into CRM system

Visitenkarten direkt ins CRM System digitalisieren

I'm sure you're familiar with this situation: You meet a lot of potential customers and business partners at a meeting and exchange business cards with them. After the actual work is over, the time-consuming and annoying process of digitizing the contact data of the business cards into your crm system begins - and you've often wondered whether this can't be done faster?!

With the snapADDY business card scanner for iOS and Android we have solved exactly this problem. With a simple photo from the app the given contact data will be extracted from the image. Our address parser analyzes the output text and recognizes the contact values. Thus, the physical business card is digitized in seconds with the snapADDY business card scanner as a lead.

Direct export to your CRM system

In contrast to most solutions, we want to offer even more value at this point, which goes beyond a pure business card scanner – in our app the contact data can be transferred to your CRM system with a simple click. Currently, the CRM systems Salesforce, SAP C/4HANA, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, and Salesforce are supported as export targets. Alternatively, you can create a contact on your phone or load it into the snapADDY Grabber if you additionally use it to enrich the pure contact data with further company information from the network. The direct connection to the CRM system avoids all media breaks and you no longer have to enter or copy the captured lead into your CRM system by yourself.

Further development of the address algorithm

The constant development of the recognition quality of the address parser is our main focus in addition to seamless integrations to the supported CRM systems. Since mid-2017 we have therefore established our own Data Quality department internally. We are constantly improving our recognition rates by means of machine learning. The quality of the recognition depends on the algorithm used for address recognition. That's why we focus on developing the app at this point and therefore improve your scan results!

Flexible plans

The snapADDY business card scanner as a complete solution for the easy digitization of business cards into the CRM system is now available as a standalone product and can be purchased in different plans – from a one men show up to big enterprises!

Further information about the prices can be found on our prices page.