Digital Lead Capture in Corporations

Corporations and large companies regularly attend trade fairs to meet existing and potential customers in person and to expose their products and services. Currently, many of these companies still use pen and paper to record their trade show leads. However, the willingness to switch from analog to the digital capture of leads is growing steadily.

A Software Solution

A growing number of companies are opting for software solutions that digitize and optimize their analog processes. They have realized that with the right tool they can avoid manual, error-prone typing, make workflows more efficient, and speed up their lead management process. As a result, employees save valuable working time and resources that they can use for what's important – their customers.

However, deciding to choose a software solution does not necessarily mean that the right one for corporations’ needs has been chosen. In many cases, due to the large size of the company, many corporations opt to directly use the CRM system to capture leads. For some processes, this seems to be the best solution, however, it has several disadvantages compared to using specialized software solutions. For example, it is not possible to customize the application according to company branding, to work offline, or to make sales documents centrally accessible directly within a media library.

Data Protection

No matter where the trade show takes place, marketing and sales staff, IT and CRM managers, and management agree that a lead capture app must ensure a high level of data security. Therefore, ensuring optimal data protection management is one of the most important criteria in software evaluation because all companies need to comply with the GDPR when recording and processing data.

Flexibility in the corporate environment

It is common for large companies and corporations to participate and exhibit at various trade shows and events around the world at the same time. For this reason, it is necessary to use the right lead app that allows them to manage multiple templates in different languages and create customizable questionnaires with their corporate branding. This ensures a professional image and an effective lead management process.

When implementing a software solution, it is also important to keep costs in mind. Since corporations often have a large number of headquarters in several countries, the lead app provider must offer pricing flexibility – both in terms of license purchases and flat rates for each type of event. After all, not all trade shows and events require the same number of software users. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate different software solutions and find the ideal price-performance ratio.

What is the most efficient tool for my company?

Nowadays, the IT industry is saturated with service providers offering software solutions. Therefore, you should make sure to choose the software solution that best suits your company's needs. Following aspects should be provided in a standardized way:

  • Efficient contact management between new and existing customers: Scanning business cards or selecting existing data in CRM
  • Direct CRM export of all captured contact data and information
  • Creation of dynamic questionnaires in different languages
  • Automatic lead processing and follow up emails
  • Direct access to a media library with sales documents and further required documents
  • On-site coordination of booth staff (availability, skills, etc.)
  • Opt-in management for marketing activities
  • Duplicate check: comparison of contact data with your CRM

To help you decide which is the best software solution to capture leads at events and trade fairs for your company, we have compiled a requirements list with the snapADDY VisitReport features. With this requirements list, you can successfully evaluate the features and quality of the lead capture software solutions on the market.

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