Data Cleansing: This is why it pays to clean your data regularly!

In times of Big Data, continuous maintenance and data cleansing are becoming increasingly important. Particularly B2B contact data become obsolete in shorter periods, are incomplete, incorrect or even not systematically recorded in a CRM system. The fatal outcome: If no action is taken, the challenges and problems become even worse and usually cost your company capital and resources. But it does not have to come to that!

Data are generated, stored and processed around the clock and the world. This can be more easily described with the buzzword "Big Data", in which the term "Big" is particularly important. According to a recent IDC study, the volume of data worldwide will increase from the current 45 Zettabytes (2019) to 175 Zettabytes in 2025. If this data (a 175 with 21 zeros) were stored on standard DVDs, the stack could fit 23 times between the earth and the moon. With this rapidly increasing data volume, data maintenance is inevitably becoming an ever-greater challenge. This applies to data in general, but also specifically to contact data in the B2B sector stored in CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP C/4HANA.

The Key: Continuously maintaining data

To guarantee a well-maintained database, it is essential to continuously and conscientiously record and update the master data. Often this process is still done completely by hand, i.e., in the classic way by typing or copying and pasting the information and contact data. This manual effort can already be largely automated with smart solutions such as the snapADDY Grabber. Regardless of how the information is recorded or updated, it still applies: If data maintenance is neglected sooner or later, this often causes an increasing number of obsolete or incorrect data in the CRM system.  

If you have lost control over your data

If the extent of faulty data can no longer be controlled, the only way to deal with it is usually through a comprehensive measure: Data Cleansing. This usually involves a complete check of all or part of the database to ensure that it is up to date, correcting or removing incorrect or obsolete data. Besides, incomplete data records are also a serious problem that can negatively affect your marketing and sales activities and should therefore be removed. In the past, trainees or students were often hired for such pointless activities to perform data cleansing thoroughly over several days, weeks or months, depending on the volume of work. Here, there are also modern solutions that replace these manual processes with much less investment of time and resources.  

Data cleansing using artificial intelligence

At snapADDY, only the work of one single data scientist is required to clean, complete, enrich or extract a set of several thousand data records within a short time. This innovative software tool is based on artificial intelligence which simply controls and tailors to your specific data. The data cleansing process itself is fully automated and therefore much more efficient than the use of human resources. The following problems can be solved with snapADDY's Data Cleansing Service: 

  • You have a list of domains and would like to get the master data of the behind companies and main contact data.    
  • You have contact data containing company and position data and would like to validate whether these are still correct.    
  • You would like to complement your B2B contact data with information about the position and what kind of business relationship you may have with them (e.g., decision maker vs. user).    
  • You have a large number of e-mails containing contact data but not structured for using in Microsoft Excel.

Profitable investment in your data quality

No matter whether you have your data cleansed, completed or processed, with a professional data cleansing you will raise your data quality to a proper level again. This one-off investment pays off quickly: You no longer waste your marketing budget on ineffective contacts; your sales team can process the right leads and contacts while investing significantly less time in research due to incorrect or missing contact data. As a result, you will increase your success rate and turnover. However, successful data cleansing should by no means encourage you to rest on the status quo. Thousands of data are changing in the business world every day: Companies move, merge or cease operations, employees change positions or leave the company, new contacts are hired, etc. It's a never-ending cycle whose challenges can be easily overcome by well-organized workflows and the use of smart solutions such as snapADDY Grabber. Stay up-to-date!