Business Card Scanning API - Alternative for ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK

In 2024, ABBYY will retire its CLOUD OCR SDK service. snapADDY offers a more precise alternative in the form of an API for machine character recognition (OCR) for the digital capture of business cards. This enables the transfer of detailed field values with minimal programming effort.

Advantages of the snapADDY API

The snapADDY API has a simple structure: The business card image is sent as an HTTP request, and the business card contact data is then returned in JSON format. More than 45 languages from well over 100 countries are supported. In comparison, ABBYY supports only 27 languages. 

snapADDY offers much more finely detailed results than ABBYY. For example, we distinguish first and last name and can transfer them into separate fields. Likewise, the address is transferred in detail into corresponding fields such as street name, street number, postal code, city and country, among others.

If you want to get an overview of the quality of snapADDY API, you can take a look at the comparison test between different providers in the field of business card scanning here: Business Card Scanner Review

There are several possibilities for using our API

  • As an enterprise, you have built your own solution with Microsoft Power Apps and want to use it to scan business cards? But Microsoft's business card scanning solution delivers unsatisfactory results? Then you can integrate our business card scanning API and use it to read the data.
  • As a CRM vendor, you want your users in the CRM system to have the ability to scan business cards easily and quickly.

Are you a software provider, system integrator or company that produces its own IT systems? Do you have a trade show app in use, need business card scanning in the field or have another use case for contact data recognition?

We are your alternative for ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK! Feel free to contact us for more information.