Business Card Scanner Review

Visitenkarten direkt ins CRM System digitalisieren

Selecting a business card scanner from the range of competition for your business is not easy. In addition to the different functions and the different user interfaces, the recognition quality of the scanned business cards is the most essential criteria in evaluating different apps. Therefore, we have tested six popular business card scanners in a complex test procedure.

In everyday sales, the common business card is still very important. On the one hand, you are happy when you receive a business card and thus have the correct contact data of a contact person. On the other hand, the annoying process of typing data into your CRM system usually goes hand in hand with that. However, this no longer has to be the case - for around 10 years there have been digital business card scanners that use text recognition (OCR) to extract the data and automatically assign it to the appropriate fields:

  • How good or bad is the recognition quality of different scanners?
  • Which scanners offer a connection to my CRM system at all?
  • Which scanner can I use in compliance with the GDPR?

The test candidates

As there are still no comparable tests of the recognition quality of digital business card scanners at this time, we have taken this into our own hands! When selecting the test candidates, we first defined the application scenario. In order for us to classify an app as relevant for our test, it must have a certain relevance in both app stores. In addition, we have also included the intended use in the business environment as an important criterion - each app must at least be able to export to a known CRM system in order to enable an efficient process of contact capturing. We have selected the following six apps according to these criteria:

Structure of the test

In a complex test setup with 200 business cards and 6 popular business card scanners we evaluated the apps according to statistical criteria. 150 of the business cards were selected from Germany, while the remaining 50 came from the USA (30), Italy (10) and France (10). In the course of the business card scanner test, a total of over 1000 scans were carried out. The same source photo was used for each scanner for all business cards, so that the pure recognition quality can be compared objectively. During the test, we evaluated each field individually and can thus make qualified statements about the recognition quality.

Results of the test

After testing the business card scanners and analyzing all the data, we came to the following conclusion:

The snapADDY BusinessCards scored by far the best for both German and international business cards! Feel free to test the snapADDY BusinessCards yourself. It is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

Free business card scanner test

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