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Business cards are still a valued medium in the business world for exchanging contact information quickly and easily. In addition to the pure transfer of contact data, which can certainly also be depicted with modern media such as LinkedIn or XING, it is all about the haptic experience and the appreciation of the person at the other end. Thus, even in the year 2020, you can see the small stacks of paper in the offices of many companies, which are happy to survive any move and are finally laid to rest in the roll containers.

If you or your company use Microsoft Dynamics, you would certainly prefer to store these contacts instead in your CRM correctly and without typing. This is where the snapADDY BusinessCards comes into play. You take a picture of the business card and the contact data is read automatically. To avoid duplicate contacts, the BusinessCards checks directly afterwards whether a lead or contact with the same name already exists in the CRM. If the contact already exists, data gaps or outdated data can be cleaned or added immediately. With the world's best address recognition, which by the way works not only for Latin characters, but also for Chinese and Cyrillic characters, you can’t go wrong.

Business card scanners from Microsoft and other market companions

In 2019, Microsoft integrated its own business card scanner into the apps of Dynamics. So it is obvious to use this free feature from Microsoft. However, after the first few attempts, one notices already that the Microsoft app has major shortcomings in its recognition quality and also does not offer the possibility of updating existing contacts.

Therefore, we took a closer look at the Microsoft product. Within the scope of our business card scanner test we scanned about 200 business cards under laboratory conditions and came to the following conclusion:

Now I'm active in sales myself and know exactly what impression Microsoft's software would make on me: An initial test with two or three business cards shows me that I have to manually enter a good half of all relevant information. I would thus set this product aside as "unusable". And this brings me back to the problem described at the beginning with the business cards piling up unused on my desk.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to the business card scanner from Microsoft that can be integrated into Dynamics. At this point I would like to recommend the snapADDY BusinessCards, which scores best in the business card scanner test by far and is a real game changer when it comes to digitizing sales contacts.

Connect BusinessCards with Dynamics

Would you like to try out the interaction of snapADDY BusinessCards and your Microsoft Dynamics CRM without obligation? The connection from BusinessCards to Dynamics is very easy. All you need to do is to enter your Dynamics access data in the app or alternatively in our dashboard. We not only support the latest CRM version Dynamics 365, but also older versions and OnPremise installations.

Already during the free trial period you can establish and test the connection from snapADDY BusinessCards to your Dynamics CRM. However, since many companies create individual fields and settings in the CRM system, it is possible that not all information is transferred completely during the first test. Such cases can be solved afterwards in an uncomplicated way via CRM mapping, i.e. the assignment to the fields in your CRM.

Try it for free

snapADDY BusinessCards is available for free for iOS and Android. In the basic version the capture of business cards into your smartphone contacts is already included permanently free of charge. From 5 Euro per month you can purchase the snapADDY BusinessCards CRM extension and get an interface to the CRM system from Microsoft. Large user quantities also receive quantity discounts.

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