Achieving Business Success with Data Quality

Data quality has an increasing impact on business success because poor data quality can cost up to 25% of your revenue! Learn more in our blog post and free guide about the benefits and importance of high data quality and how you can maintain it.

In the age of Big Data, quality plays an increasingly crucial role in CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or SAP Sales Cloud. Did you know that 91% of all CRM data is incomplete and as much as 70% becomes obsolete within a year? As a result of incorrect or faulty contact data, not only potential but also sales are lost.

The benefits of efficiently maintaining and using data are clear: increased sales, customer loyalty, and new customer acquisition.
In the free guide, you can learn about the consequences of poor data quality and how to counteract them.

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Investing in data quality pays off

Investing in a clean database right from the start is worthwhile, because it is significantly cheaper than possible subsequent costs! With the smart application snapADDY DataQuality, you can automatically record, add, and update contact data directly in your CRM. This means that your database is always up to date and the maintenance effort is significantly reduced.

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Louisa Yavuz

Online Marketing Manager at snapADDY GmbH

Louisa Yavuz joined snapADDY in 2020 as Online Marketing Manager and is in charge of different areas: from content creation, lead campaigns, events to marketing automation. She started her marketing career at a provider of HR software.