Social Selling - Does using software tools make sense in that field?

Capturing new leads from social networks as part of a social selling strategy is nerve-wracking and time-consuming. Use supporting software and save valuable time to pick up your customers on social networks and transform them into new customers.

For some time now, social structures from real life have been depicted in social networks and the platforms have been used as an active means of communication. For some years now, business networks such as Xing have been playing an increasingly important role for the German market and LinkedIn for the American market. Studies show that the two platforms mentioned above are actively used for candidate sourcing and for winning new customers in the sense of social selling. For example, an Xing search is used to find the right contact person for a website and the data is then entered - together with the master data from the company website - into the company's own CRM system. This approach is particularly suitable for acquiring new customers or searching for candidates, as many decision-makers are now represented on business networks. This process is very time-consuming and error-prone if the data and profile information are transferred manually. Often there are different spellings and possible typos in your CRM data. The use of software such as snapADDY DataQuality helps to avoid these errors when using social selling strategies.

What does a successful social selling strategy look like?

  • Define your target group and identify the platforms on which they are located

  • Set up a page for your company on these identified platforms and present yourself there. The information about the company should always be kept up to date, so that the seriousness remains recognizable.

  • Be active! On these platforms you always have the possibility to get in contact with your customers and to keep this contact. The groups at Xing and LinkedIn, for example, where you can present the competence of your company with specialist articles, are particularly effective.

  • Use and hold webinars on topics that are relevant for the target group.

  • Highlight your expert role and become a serious source of information in the industry.High-quality and free contributions are an important instrument in social selling. If you offer technical contributions or other contents free of charge, ask the email and telephone number of the potential customers directly with.

  • You can quickly identify influencers on the usual social selling platforms. Get in touch with them and link their charisma through possible partnerships with your company.

What does a successful social selling strategy for the acquisition of new customers look like?

In order to specifically address your customers in the B2B segment, they need suitable and qualified contact data for your success, which they can obtain via social selling. With a high financial investment and tied employee capacity, you can filter purchased address data and check their quality. Without this step, however, a lot of time would be needed for your own sales staff, who may first have to ask for the right contact person by telephone or have to research it again themselves. The other option is to transfer the contacts from platforms such as Xing or LinkedIn to CRM as leads and thus use them for acquisition.

Do you already have a company presence in a social network and know which decision makers you would like to address? Then it is important that the complete communication with the contacts from your social networks is also transferred to CRM. Supporting software for social selling helps: With software support, considerable effort can be avoided when transferring e.g. Xing or LinkedIn profiles into CRM. If, for example, you use the sales software snapADDY for your social selling strategy, the time required to generate new leads will be considerably less.

How do I use snapADDY to research the right contact data in social networks?

If you have discovered someone in a specialist group or a discussion who you would like to integrate into your CRM system, snapADDY makes it easy for you to do so. With one click you can transfer the contact including all released data into snapADDY DataQuality and thus into your CRM system after the refinement. Use snapADDY as part of your social selling strategy in the B2B area and transfer the data from potential Xing/LinkedIn contacts. With a single click, the contact data released by the respective contact is transferred to CRM.