Generate leads: Generate new customers on your own website

Lead generation is indispensable today for the acquisition of new customers. This way of winning prospective customers is becoming more and more important. The advantage is obvious - the prospective customers give out their data voluntarily!

This circumstance is a special feature for every sales employee. If a prospective customer makes his data available to the company on his own initiative, there is an increased interest in a certain product and the probability that this prospective customer buys is many times higher.

Leads generieren: Beispiel Formular searchmetrics
Example: XXX generates leads via a contact form on the website. If interested parties want to read the free study, they have to leave their contact details.

For the sales staff, these potential customers therefore have a higher priority. The goal of lead generation is to make potential customers aware of the company or a certain product and to win them as new customers. Before a prospective customer buys, however, some conviction is required.

How does lead generation work in practice?

The theory of lead generation is now clear. Interested parties should be made aware of the company or product and provide their data in order to be further informed and advised by the sales staff or the newsletter. But very few users simply do that. Without reason no consumer hands over his data to a company.

In return for the contact data, the user receives a value in digital or physical form. In practice, there are various ways to do this:

  • Free offers (e.g. test versions)
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • free samples
  • Added value content in the form of studies or guides
  • sweepstakes

Generate B2B addresses

In the B2B environment, it also depends on the data of companies and the appropriate contact persons. However, the same eye-catchers that work in B2C business do not work here. Important for this area is above all good content on your own website. On an own Blog for example topics are treated, which are straight announced in the industry of the potential customers. Well prepared topics are often read and the readers keep the side also in the memory. If now a problem with this topic occurs, the reader remembers the article and your web page. Already you have a positive feedback and are in good memory. Also in this way Leads can be generated and the own mark is clearly strengthened. People will become aware of your website through the topic dealt with and will then also deal with your solutions and offers.

In order to get additional attention and traffic for the site there are of course other possibilities. That begins with announcements in social networks and goes over the Google advertising network AdWords up to guest contributions in specialized magazines and Blogs. You should be clear about your target group. Facebook ads can work very well if your potential customers also use this network for work purposes. In many industries it does not need much content, pictures say more than a thousand words. This is why companies like to use videos that they make available on their own website and also use the "YouTube" platform. This is a very cost-effective method.

A large part of the lead generation today is still accounted for by the various trade fairs. A large number of companies meet here in one place and make contacts. For many companies, trade fairs of this kind decide how good the business year will be.

These possibilities work in the B2B environment:

  • Good and high-quality content
  • Targeted PPC ads (Social Networks, AdWords)
  • Technical articles in magazines and blogs
  • fair appearances
  • product videos

Complete your lead generation

You now know through which channels and with which methods you can get new leads. Now the work begins with the data you receive. You have to approach the new prospects, inform them and in the best case achieve a deal. This process is supported by snapADDY, in which the new data can be automatically transferred to various CRM systems. Every inbound can be completed by this. We like to call this process the  refinement of a lead. At the same time, the small tool also supports the contact person search through a direct connection to Xing and LinkedIn. So you can not only check or supplement company data, but with a few clicks you can also find the right contact person for you from the company concerned and save his information. In the end you increase the data quality and your final figures. The right contacts are everything!