Researching Address Data

No matter if we are talking about a startup or an established company, without sales it doesn't work! The goal of address research in general is to find potential customers, suppliers, merchants and partners. One possibility to obtain address data would be to buy leads and therefore exchange working time for money. However, even though this would really reduce some of the work, the purchase is not exactly inexpensive. So, is it really worth buying unnecessarily address records?

It is easy to answer this question with "no", because in most cases you are going to buy outdated or even incorrect address data records, which then have to be researched and qualified again and in the end to invest considerable time to update them. In the worst case, the collected contacts are imported into your CRM system without qualification and, in addition to poor data quality, generate unnecessary wrong address data that has to be removed again later. In the end, a lot of money was spent on the new addresses and additional time wasted just to update them to the right format.

This has saved neither time nor effort! Then why not research the addresses by yourself? This may sound like a lot of work, but once you are inside the address search, it is easier for you and you also become faster and faster. Through the Internet, e-mails, business networks, yellow pages, address books and other sources, you will quickly find the companies you are looking for. With snapADDY DataQuality you can accelerate this work enormously and automatically transfer new leads & prospects into your CRM system.

It also has advantages if you carry out an address research yourself, because you get a direct insight into the different industries you are looking for and can find a suitable contact person. So you are already informed about the company and can stand out positively by possible specialized knowledge and interest with the contact person. This makes it easier to establish a long-term contact.

Address research and address qualification: All information at a glance!

In order to implement sales and marketing activities in the B2B sector, you need qualified address data records to ensure success. Whoever has the budget and the employee capacity can afford to filter and qualify purchased address data. Without this preliminary work, the sales staff would waste a lot of working time, because you first have to ask yourself on the phone, or have to do your own research again. A self-conducted and partially automated address search can be carried out more efficiently and cost-effectively at this point! If you have decided to research addresses instead of buying them, you will significantly increase the success rate of your sales and marketing work.

How do I research the correct address data for my company?

Before you start with the address research, you must first be clear which customer group is important for you, only then it makes sense to search for qualified addresses. A well-known method to classify the target group are "Buyer Personas". Think about potential companies and their decision makers and how they are going to experience your product or service.

Search for complete industry lists, which will make things easier for you instead of searching for individual companies. In the Internet there are many possibilities, just use a search engine and you will quickly find what you are looking for. There are many free listings, which lead you directly to the web page and thus to the imprint of the enterprise. Do you already know "Who delivers what"? This search machine has a very large data base in which you can search completely purposefully for the industries interesting for you. By the filter function the search result can be limited.

Business networks

Almost every company and employee is active in business networks, such as XING or LinkedIn, etc.. If you have found a suitable contact person, you can write to him directly in the business network, which has the advantage that you are in direct contact with the person. This saves you having to make a phone call to the switchboard.

Further tips:

Network events on specific topics are very well suited as a marketplace for address exchange. If you want to get in touch with the people, simply exchange their business cards. The advantages of business cards are that you already have a direct contact person and their contact information. If this person is not the decision maker, that is not a problem. You quickly get back into the conversation and are forwarded to a suitable employee.

Telephone contact:

Every day the phone rings and someone wants to sell something to you, just turn the tables and sell your product / service to him. If the sales representative shows interest on the phone, you already have found an interesting contact.

How does address research work?

To be successful, it is important to research good addresses. Only those who have an address, relevant contact person, telephone number and other information have a real chance to achieve a sale. During address research, unqualified addresses are first determined or procured. You already know how to obtain contact data, e.g. via the imprint page of a company. Only aftert his process the address qualification follows.

How do I do an address qualification?

The address qualification is an important point because the sole company data, like name of the company, street and house number, as well as the postal code and the city are not sufficient to win a customer. Additional information such as a contact person, telephone number and e-mail address have the advantage of starting the sale directly. But how do I get this information? The most time-consuming way would be to qualify the address by telephone by calling the head office and asking through the information. It is important to note any relevant information or gaps immediately and enter them directly in your CRM system. Another possibility would be to browse the company's website, but this is very time-consuming, because it is faster if you use a business network. With XING, for example, you can search for the company and see the employees of this company, so you can choose a potential contact person / decision maker and contact him directly in XING or ask the company's switchboard directly for this person. The probability that you will be redirected is higher.

Does cold calling still work?

Yes! Cold acquisition is a valuable technique in sales work. However, it must be carried out very well and in a targeted manner. A conversion rate when cold calling and having a decision maker meeting is between 4-18%. Who can say that about the classic inbound measures or Google ads?

Go directly into the description of the benefits of your product. If you know the pain and needs of the decision maker, you don't need to convince him. The decision maker directly understands the added value of a collaboration.

snapADDY helps you to simplify address research and address qualification while saving a lot of time. The acquisition of address data and address qualification is supported and simplified with automation. By using snapADDY's contact person search, you will find a suitable contact person directly and by using the e-mail finder, you have a high probability of finding the direct e-mail address of your contact person. So you have a qualified lead in no time at all and can get started right away!

Address research is also time-consuming, but a well qualified address leads to significantly higher completion rates and better sales figures.