DataQuality Automation

Keep your CRM contact data automatically up-to-date


Say goodbye to manual data maintenance and incomplete or outdated contact information.

Automatic data maintenance

snapADDY DataQuality recognizes new contact data and changes from email signatures. These are automatically recorded and updated in the CRM. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data maintenance.

Clean database

The smart application uses artificial intelligence to recognize phonetic resemblances or similarities between data records. This automatically avoids duplicates in your CRM.

Automated data update

snapADDY DataQuality regularly checks your data for up-to-dateness and completeness. Gaps in existing data records are automatically closed.

Automated workflows

Thanks to the high degree of automation and flexible workflows, you receive with minimal effort a complete and always up-to-date database for your marketing and sales activities. If individual contact data or fields are not automatically transferred, corresponding rules can be defined and sales employees can be tasked with a brief manual check.


Our integrations

snapADDY DataQuality can be used with these CRM systems.

Before the introduction of snapADDY DataQuality, we needed 11 hours for data maintenance for 200 contacts. We invested 65% of the working time in data processing and not in the customer. In comparison, with snapADDY DataQuality we only need a little over 6 hours in total! Thanks to the integrated duplicate check, the manual check for duplicates in the CRM is also no longer necessary.

Robert Hawke, OMICRON electronics

Robert Hawke

OMICRON electronics, Business Process Manager


Capture contacts

Only 6 hours instead of 11


The effort required to implement snapADDY DataQuality is extremely low, as the software solution uses standard CRM system interfaces. The implementation of these standard interfaces is already complete and is only adapted to the individual circumstances of a customer by means of a configuration. This configuration is carried out by snapADDY specialists and your IT only needs to provide the information on the field specifications of your CRM system. More information here: Installation & DataQuality in your CRM system.

All fields in DataQualitiy are individually customizable and are usually linked to the fields in your CRM system. This allows you to integrate the product seamlessly into your existing workflow. This customization is offered under the name CRM Mapping and can be booked by you.

Yes, the DataQuality solution checks for duplicates in the CRM system and only creates new contacts if there is no existing contact or company. The duplicate detection is a proprietary development of snapADDY and can also be customized to individual circumstances. When new values are recognized, they can be added to existing duplicates.

Depending on the settings, suggested changes can be processed automatically or semi-automatically. The implemented workflows allow you to decide what type of change (e.g. new telephone number) will automatically update the contact data or be submitted to an employee or team for checking.

  • E-mail signatures
  • Business cards
  • Public databases (trade registers, business directories and other databases that provide information on companies and contact persons)
  • LinkedIn
  • Company website (imprint data)
  • Other sources (Google Maps & Google Places)

Yes, snapADDY DataQuality can be used worldwide. Our AI-based address recognition supports not only Latin but also Chinese, Cyrillic and Japanese characters and recognizes contact data from over 50 countries.

As a single user in a company, you can start for €348 per year. Larger companies and teams can purchase larger user quantities in the Enterprise package. (From 25 users approx. 144€ per user per year). You can find more information about our pricing on the pricing page or you can speak directly to our sales department.

Your data is processed in a GDPR-compliant manner. The data storage and business logic of our software solutions are realised at AWS in Germany. Privacy & Security Hub