snapADDY DataQuality

From prospect to customer: The smart application supports you in all phases of the Lead Funnel with the targeted enrichment of contact information and simultaneously keeps the data in your CRM system always up-to-date. snapADDY DataQuality is the perfect tool for researching, recording and maintaining contact data on the Internet.

All contacts in the CRM system

New contacts are saved with just one click directly where they are best stored: In your CRM system. The integrated duplicate check guarantees data maintenance at the highest level.

Data update in real time

Outdated and incorrect contact details are adjusted directly: snapADDY DataQuality permanently compares the signatures of incoming e-mails with the data stock of your CRM system and suggests changes.

Targeted contact research

With snapADDY DataQuality the acquisition and search of business contacts becomes the easiest thing in the world. Researching, qualifying and digitizing contact data - the intelligent desktop assistant takes care of all this for you.

How Julia got a handle on the CRM data chaos

Prevent the CRM data chaos

According to a user study by the software broker Capterra, outdated and incorrect contact information is the biggest challenge for small and medium-sized companies in Germany when it comes to customer management. Once the data chaos has entered your CRM system, you not only waste a lot of potential in sales, but also have to invest a lot of effort in cleaning up. Do not let it come to that! With snapADDY DataQuality you can keep your customer data permanently up-to-date via various sources.

CRM data maintenance

No loss of contact in your company

In addition to outdated and incorrect data, there are also those leads and contacts that don't even make it into your CRM system. These include business cards that are stored on or in desks and roll containers without ever having been entered. On the other hand, there are also numerous contacts that are maintained exclusively in the e-mail inboxes of the respective contact person. If the employee leaves your company, the contact path is usually lost as well. With snapADDY, every contact is recorded and the user acceptance for your CRM system is sustainably increased!

Contact registration

More qualified B2B leads and contacts

As a rule, a single contact information is sufficient to enrich it specifically with additional data. The starting point for your search can be, for example, the company name or just an e-mail address. snapADDY DataQuality helps you to qualify the searched contact step by step using various online sources and functionalities. This way you avoid incomplete data records, increase the quality of your CRM system and give your sales department more versatile starting points for approaching and acquiring customers.

Contact research

Useful extensions

snapADDY DataQuality is available as an extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Outlook.
As a Salesforce partner, we also offer direct access within the Salesforce interface via the AppExchange. You can use snapADDY DataQuality via a separate menu item directly in the cloud as well as the mobile app.

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