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snapADDY DataQuality

Achieving business success with data quality


Poor data quality may cost you up to 25% of your sales!

DataQuality - automatic CRM update

Transfer of email signatures

Contact data in email signatures is automatically checked, existing CRM data records are updated or new ones are created. This means you no longer have to enter contact data manually.  

CRM data import

Company data can be imported into your CRM without detours and automatically enriched or cleaned up. The duplicate check ensures a clean database.  

Automatic CRM update

CRM inventory data is checked by snapADDY DataQuality to ensure that it is up-to-date and complete, and is enriched or updated accordingly.  

Email signatures contain valuable contact information!

On average, your employees receive 20 business emails per day. Only the fewest contact data are transferred to the CRM. snapADDY DataQuality automatically synchronises these email signatures with your CRM system.


No more lost contact data with DataQuality

Say goodbye to outdated, incorrect and duplicate records. With DataQuality, your CRM contact data is always up to date.

Automatic synchronization of email signatures

How is CRM data enriched and updated?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

To increase the data quality in CRM systems, the latest methods from the field of artificial intelligence are used to keep human effort and the error rate as low as possible.

Automated workflows

snapADDY DataQuality regularly checks your data for changes and updates. For example, if a contact's phone number or email address changes, the corresponding information is automatically adjusted in your CRM system.

Integrated duplicate check

snapADDY DataQuality prevents duplicates and cleans up incorrect or outdated information in your CRM. This means you always have access to correct and relevant data.


Our integrations

snapADDY DataQuality can be used with these CRM systems.

Before the introduction of snapADDY DataQuality, we needed 11 hours for data maintenance for 200 contacts. We invested 65% of the working time in data processing and not in the customer. In comparison, with snapADDY DataQuality we only need a little over 6 hours in total! Thanks to the integrated duplicate check, the manual check for duplicates in the CRM is also no longer necessary.

Robert Hawke, OMICRON electronics

Robert Hawke

OMICRON electronics, Business Process Manager


Capture contacts

Only 6 hours instead of 11


Every incoming email is automatically checked for contact data thanks to the connection to your Office 365 or IMAP mailbox. snapADDY DataQuality detects changes and updates your existing CRM records.

  • With the help of automatic data capture and maintenance, you save valuable working time and thus costs.
  • snapADDY DataQuality automatically ensures high data quality: complete, correct and up to date contact data; no duplicates.
  • Thanks to optimized processes, your chance of sales increases, as you have more time for the customer!

With the CRM providers Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Sales Cloud and Salesforce, snapADDY DataQuality is directly integrated into the interface. With HubSpot and Pipedrive, snapADDY can be used as an add-on.

snapADDY DataQuality accesses contact data from email signatures, LinkedIn, business cards, publicly accessible databases and company websites.

Your data is processed in a GDPR-compliant manner. The data storage and business logic of our software solutions are realised at AWS in Germany. Privacy & Security Hub

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