As a snapADDY user, you can quickly process and enrich leads generated from web forms. The data entered into the forms are automatically transferred to the interface of snapADDY DataQuality via an open interface (REST API). Here you have the possibility to further enrich the information and then export it to the CRM system.

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Linking online forms via REST API

The connection between forms or input pages and snapADDY DataQuality is created by implementing a code with a simple REST API in the HTML code of your website. The fields of the form can be assigned to the fields in DataQuality or CRM system. By a mapping between snapADDY DataQuality and your CRM system, the values from the form are also entered into the correct fields in the CRM system. For example, information such as company size, product interest or other information migrates directly into the system provided for the sales team.

capture leads from webforms via the snapADDY REST API

Lead qualification after opt-in

The provided data from your webform can be further qualified in snapADDY DataQuality. Fake applications can be deleted directly and valuable prospective customers can be created as a contact in your CRM system. Use snapADDY DataQuality to enhance the provided information of the forms. The information can be supplemented by the Company Data and Contact Partner Search. After this comfortable one-click step the contact or lead gets transferred into your CRM system.

web to lead process with snapADDY

Advantages compared to classic Web2Lead forms

  • The automatic duplicate check prevents the creation of multiple data sets without manual work
  • Fake data can be deleted directly. This results in only high-quality data in your CRM system
  • Opt-In data can easily be enriched by simple steps in snapADDY DataQuality
  • Low integration effort, since the interface is easy to program via the REST API of snapADDY DataQuality
dublicate check in snapADDY web to lead

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