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Save time with snapADDY DataQuality quick contact capture and lead research features. Entering contacts into CentralStationCRM has never been easier!

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snapADDY for CentralStationCRM

snapADDY & CentralStationCRM

High-speed sales!

With snapADDY, lengthy lead research and tedious contact data maintenance tasks in your CentralStationCRM belongs to the past. Gain time for your core sales activities!

Create persons, companies and deals in a standardized format

Entering contact details and addresses manually into a CRM is tedious and error-prone. With snapADDY DataQuality, we automate and simplify this process for you. When "grabbing" a contact - for example, from email signatures or websites - snapADDY recognizes the different data and assigns them to the correct fields. This will help achieve a higher data quality in your CentralStationCRM. In addition, entering people, companies and deals into your CRM becomes more fun!

CentralStationCRM: create people, companies and deals

snapADDY is the high-speed train for your CentralStationCRM

Looking for convenience and speed during pre-sales? That’s exactly what snapADDY provides for CentralStationCRM! Use our quick search to find a relevant contact person with direct e-mail address, LinkedIn profile, picture and corporate master data within a few clicks. You can get all this information on the basis of a company name. By pressing a button, you export the complete contact in your CentralStationCRM and automatically create a deal in the process. It’s really simple!

snapADDY for CentralStationCRM: Quick search bar

External duplicate check

With the external duplicate check, snapADDY checks whether the grabbed contact or company is already present in your CentralStationCRM account. This is shown by a colored, two-part square left of the contact’s name in the list of DataQuality. The lower part represents a company, the upper part represents a contact. A red square means “already exists”, green signals that this is a new contact or company. If a contact person or company already exists in your CRM, you can easily overwrite or directly add new information to it via snapADDY DataQuality.

CentralStationCRM: external duplicate check

Quick setup

Setting up the connection between snapADDY and CentralStationCRM only takes a few seconds.. Simply enter the the URL and the API token from your CentralStationCRM account (you’ll find it in your account settings) into snapADDY and both tools will be connected. As soon as a connection is established, you can immediately start your lead research with snapADDY.

snapADDY for CentralStationCRM: quick and straightforward connection

Custom fields in CentralStationCRM

A CentralStationCRM installation is usually customized to the needs of the respective company. Obviously, also contact information fields are often customized. snapADDY offers the possibility to create your CentralStationCRM custom fields in snapADDY DataQuality. This enables you to immediately export your custom fields from snapADDY to CentralStationCRM.

CentralStationCRM: Custom Fields