Company Data Search

With the company data search, you can capture the master data available on the Internet for a particular company from different sources. The results can be transferred directly to your CRM system.

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Master data from an imprint

When searching for company data, the result of the imprint crawl is always displayed first. Our algorithm identifies the appropriate web address - belonging to the company name searched for - and extracts the information into the snapADDY grabber. The information is freely accessible and is automatically structured into a contact data set by our algorithm. Usually the most up-to-date contact data can be found directly, as these must have a place in the legal imprint in Germany.

snapADDY Grabber: Impressums-Crawler

Information from the web

If the data found is insufficient or no imprint is available, you have the option of automatically retrieving other data sources with the snapADDY Grabber in order to capture the correct information. These are displayed directly after the results of the imprint search within the company data search. You can use the following sources for this:

  • Google Maps
  • Wikidata
  • Wikipedia
  • Xing
  • LinkedIn
snapADDY Grabber: extract company information from google maps

Industry data search

For more transparent data in your CRM system, you can also enter industry information about a specific company within the company data search. To do this, you must select the data from the Xing or LinkedIn industry data search. You can use the new function to enter the following industry data.

  • company's size
  • area of business
  • revenue
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