Company Data Search

With the company data search, you can capture the master data available on the Internet for a particular company from different sources. The results can be transferred directly to your CRM system.

Information from Google Maps

Company profiles on Google Maps are particularly well maintained in most cases and therefore contain the current company data, as this information is often shown during a Google search. With the company data search in snapADDY Grabber you can automatically retrieve all relevant contact data for a selected company from Google Maps and transfer it to the Grabber - without having to leave it!

extract information from google maps

Contact page crawler

With the contact page crawler you can find additional information, such as the VAT number from the contact page of the company. Our algorithm suggests the imprint or contact page of the entered company and extracts the specified master data into the snapADDY grabber when you confirm. Now you have the option of extracting individual or all values.

snapADDY contact page crawler

Maintain full control

Since you can obtain the master data of a company from two different sources, you always have exactly the current company data for you. The detected values are automatically loaded into the respective contact card of snapADDY Grabber and can be transferred directly to your CRM system. Thanks to the standardized fields, typing errors or different spellings are a thing of the past.

Full control with snapaddys company data search

snapADDY Grabberat a glance

Contact Person Search

Find and capture the right contact person

Email Validator

Validate & search for specific e-mail addresses

Contact Page Crawler

Capture current company data

Business Cards Scanner

Capture business cards without typing

CRM Updater

Update company data automatically

Adress Grabber

Intelligent algorithm for contact data extraction

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