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We rely on different clients and devices on which snapADDY VisitReport is able to work, so that you can remain as flexible as possible in your planning. In addition, you benefit from the offline availability and the possibility to save time with the audio-to-text function!

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Scan business cards

You have recorded the visit report of a prospective customer, but now you have to archive the business card and enter it in your CRM system later? With snapADDY this exhausting workflow is a thing of the past! With the built-in business card scanner, you only need to take a photo of the business card and our OCR algorithm extracts the detected data into the respective contact fields. You can also see the recognized data while you are on the road or in the field. In addition, via the business card extraction the recognized contact data is linked to its visit report in your CRM system. The duplicate check verifies whether the contact already exists in your CRM system and creates a new contact with a new visit report or adds the new report to an existing contact in the CRM system.

snapADDY Visitenkartenscanner im snapADDY VisitReport

Access existing customer information

Use the Excel import in the dashboard of the snapADDY VisitReport to import the contact data of already scheduled appointments into your questionnaire in advance. At the trade fair, you will be able to search for the name of the respective contact person and start capturing the conversations via the app without having to scan the business cards. You can also send an invitation to your customers with a personalized QR code created in the dashboard. If you scan the QR Code instead of the business card, the respective data of the contact person is opened directly in the snapADDY VisitReport.

snapADDY VisitReport: various import possibilities for existing customers

Different clients & platforms

Our VisitReport app is already used by many customers with a larger number of sales representatives. Therefore, it is important for us to offer our app for many different platforms and deployment scenarios. It is unimportant whether you are using different devices (i.e. tablets with smartphones), or whether you only have a single medium like a tablet for a uniform and professional appearance. Currently, you can obtain snapADDY VisitReport at the following platforms:

Offline availability

A big problem at many trade fairs: An unstable WLAN connection causes a bad internet connection. Therefore, the snapADDY VisitReport app can also be used without Internet connection. To do this, the captured visit reports are placed in a queue and only transferred to the CRM system when there is an stable Internet connection again. No visit report is going to be lost!

snapADDY VisitReport mit Offlineverfügbarkeit

Audio to text extraction

You often use our notes function within snapADDY VisitReport or have questions configured with a bigger text field box? Then you should look more closely at the audio-to-text function. If you want to enter text in a field box, you can enter it with your voice, if supported by your device. To do this, select the appropriate icon to the left of the space bar (iOS or Android). Speak your answer or note, your device converts it into a text. Using this feature, you are much faster when entering longer texts!

Mit Audio-zu-Text wird das erkannte Gesprochene im snapADDY VisitReport in Text umgewandelt