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With snapADDY's imprint crawler you can automatically extract the master data of company websites into a list. In this way, you get the most important information uniformly classified.

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The web crawler can recognize this data

The imprint crawler works very well in German-speaking Europe (DACH), i.e. the countries in which the imprint is required to be specified on the websites. Besides the imprint pages, the crawler also searches the rest of the website for additional contact information. Although we cannot guarantee 100% data quality and the recognition of all information, our recognition rate is around 90%.

The following data can be crawled:

Company name, street & house number, zip code & city, country, phone number, mobile phone number, fax number, contact person in the imprint, and VAT ID number.

Capture contact data from search results

Our Chrome and Microsoft extension has some very handy features that make capturing contact information even easier. Just look for our crocodile buttons that are easily recognized on your screen! You can find them on the following pages:

  • Xing profiles
  • Xing search results
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • LinkedIn search results
  • Google search results
  • Google Maps search results
snapADDY Grabber: extract company information from google maps

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