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snapADDY's address grabber is our technical core for data recognition. Thanks to the address grabber, contact data can be captured quickly and easily from any unstructured text. Contacts can be extracted from email signatures, PDF documents or web pages. The data transfer could not be easier!

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Forget manual data entry

Highlight an address or contact data set, for example on a website, in an e-mail, or in a PDF document. To capture the contact data, activate snapADDY DataQuality using the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + C + C”. No matter how much white space, how many breaks or different phone number formats: snapADDY recognizes the data immediately and maps them correctly. Save yourself a lot of time and use it for your core sales and marketing activities.

Reliable contact data mapping

Through sophisticated pattern recognition, snapADDY DataQuality maps the recorded data correctly. In addition to classic address data such as street name, postal code, email address and telephone number, we also offer fields for a job position and a website. Even international contact data are recognized and mapped reliably by DataQuality. Our intelligent assistant constantly learns from its users: snapADDY’s contact data recognition is always improving!

snapADDY Grabber: Reliable contact data mapping

Add addresses from other sources

The "Copy & Paste" field in snapADDY DataQuality allows you to process contacts from any source. Simply paste the unformatted text into the respective field with CTRL + V or drag and drop the text into the dashed field. The address grabber starts directly with the address recognition.

snapADDY Grabber: Adressen aus anderen Quellen einfügen

Various export possibilities

Whether you want to further process your data in a spreadsheet, or you just want to save them as contacts on your phone: we offer you the right download format! You can download the recorded address and contact data anytime as Excel, CSV or vCard. If you use the Outlook add-in, the contacts can be stored directly in your Microsoft Outlook address book.

Want to save the contact data directly to your CRM system? Here you will find more information about our CRM integrations.

snapADDY Grabber: Various export possibilities

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