With the snapADDY API, you can connect any IT system for which we have not yet built a separate integration with our sales assistant. This approach is convenient for custom CRM solutions and in-house CRM systems.

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snapADDY & uw CRM-systeem

Sales efficiency for everyone

With snapADDY, time-consuming data maintenance becomes child’s play at the push of a button. This way, you’ll have more time to focus on your core sales activities!

Collect contact data at the push of a button

snapADDY is an intelligent sales assistant, that takes over time-consuming tasks like entering and maintaining customer data in your CRM system or mailing software for you. With our API, you can transfer the grabbed data to your CRM system quickly and uniformly. Thanks to snapADDY, you’ll also increase the data quality in your CRM system.

snapADDY Grabber CRM

A simple API for your CRM

When an address is grabbed and the API is enabled, the grabbed data are sent to a URL that you specify. You must implement an HTTP interface in your IT system to process the address data (JSON format) as desired.

snapADDY API settings

snapADDY API reference

More information and the technical documentation for the interface can be found in our snapADDY API reference.

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