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Save your new leads with snapADDY directly in Close and save yourself unnecessary typing. Improve your CRM data quality and quickly find suitable contact persons from LinkedIn and Xing.

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Pure lead power

Focus on your core activities and leave the time-consuming contact data maintenance to snapADDY for Close. Close even more deals with your new high quality leads!


Creating new leads automatically

snapADDY for Close automatically captures your new leads in a standardized format . You just need to highlight contact details and use the keyboard shortcut " Ctrl+C+C " . Within a few seconds, the contact data are automatically mapped to the right data fields. You can save the contact to Close by clicking the Close icon. Uniform contact data

High quality leads with a suitable contact person

With snapADDY for Close, you save time capturing contact data and make your lead search much more efficient. With our Contact Person Search, you’ll quickly find suitable contact persons from professional networking sites like LinkedIn or Xing. snapADDY combines contact data from several sources and generates a high quality lead. Thanks to snapADDY you can reach a higher data quality in Close. High data quality & contact person search

External duplicate check

snapADDY for Close’s external duplicate check supports you in dealing with existing leads in your CRM system. Already in snapADDY DataQuality you can see, whether a grabbed contact is already in your Close system. This way, double entries and redundant contacts are avoided. You have the additional option to update individual fields of an existing lead with new information. Save yourself a lot of time in the maintenance of your data and the search for new leads. The duplicate check increases the data quality in your Close system. external check for duplicates

Simple setup

snapADDY and Close connect through an API. The connection can be set up in a few seconds. You can find the API key in your Close settings. Copy the API key to snapADDY’s export settings. As soon as both tools are connected, you can start searching and grabbing contacts with snapADDY!