snapADDY Savings Calculator

snapADDY makes your search for leads and prospects much more efficient and therefore saves you a lot of time and money! Calculate how much you can potentially save thanks to snapADDY Grabber.

Lead search with snapADDY

Leads per week

How many leads does your employee search on average per week? (incl. contact person search & CRM data entry)

Leads per week

Labour cost per year

What does an employee who is engaged in searching leads cost you on average per year? (gross annual salary)

Labour cost per year

Working time

How many minutes does an employee need on average to do a lead search (incl. a contact person & CRM data entry)?

Working time


That's why snapADDY is worth it

Projection for 1 year

Time necessary
in hours
84 hours
Time necessary with snapADDY
in hours
21 hours
Time saved
in hours per year
63 hours
Cost per hour per employee 29 € per hour
You save 63 hours x 29 € = 1.845