Acquire customers

Every company that wants to be successful needs customers. But getting them is not always easy. Small and young companies in particular often find it difficult to build up a customer base. Once the start has been made and the product is in demand on the market, the acquisition is much easier. But how do you get the right customers and what do you have to pay attention to?

A common mistake of startups is the assumption that a good product alone is enough to win customers. But this only works in rare cases. Who can place his product on the market, has worked well before and considered a fundamental matter: It doesn't work without sales. This term covers a lot more than classic sales. It is not only about the contact to potential customers, but also about making contact via the website, flyers, advertising appearances, in short all the measures that directly or indirectly appeal to the prospective customer. If you look at this as sales, it is an important step in the right direction.

The best known method is telephone acquisition. Go through yellow pages and let yourself be put through to the decision maker to convince him - that's usually where everything starts. But equally important are e-mails, newsletters and social networks that can draw the market's attention to you and your company. Be active and try to present your product, your company and your philosophy creatively.

It is also important for established companies to show themselves again and again and to draw attention to themselves and their own development. Maybe the classical acquisition is no longer so in the foreground, but there are countless possibilities to win new customers through marketing. In the background always the selling stands.

The right methods for customer acquisition: All information at a glance!

Are you looking for the right way to acquire customers? Then you have a multitude of possibilities. But not all of them are profitable for you. Before you start with the actual acquisition, you should ask yourself various questions and get a picture of your situation. This is important to guarantee the success of your work. After all, you don't want to work past the market. The better you adjust to the market situation and your potential customers, the higher the chances of successful sales. So use the Internet, your contacts and other sources available to you to get a picture. Take a look at what your competitors are doing to win customers. It is always good to have one or the other idea in your drawer or simply to know what is already being done.

Using the information correctly

Once you have gathered the necessary information, it is crucial to interpret and use this material accordingly. Assuming that your contacts are mainly in the field and have a lot to do with customers, it makes no sense to make phone calls. You will hardly reach anyone. In this case a good alternative would be to contact the persons by mail and make an appointment for a telephone call. You could also use social networks like Xing or LinkedIn. Don't be afraid to go new ways and address people directly. When evaluating the collected data, consider which acquisition the contact persons will best approach.

Acquisition opportunities at a glance

  • telemarketing
  • mailing
  • E-mail advertising and newsletter
  • search engine marketing
  • advertisement
  • personal sale

Data is important

If you want to make acquisitions and win customers, you cannot avoid the data of the contact persons and the companies. Without them it does not go unfortunately. Therefore, attach particular importance to this and imprint it on your employees. The better you maintain the data, the easier it will be for you to do the actual acquisition work in the end. Especially for the newsletter the e-mail address is necessary, when telephoning the telephone number is needed and for the personal address the name of the contact person. Therefore ensure good data quality!

Use the respective advantages of the different acquisition types

Every acquisition form has one or the other advantage for your company. Combine these forms and work out the benefits. So the success multiplies for you. Address your prospects on different levels and observe the progress. You will quickly notice what works well and which acquisition you can confidently let be. You have to question your way of working again and again. If your company changes, it may well have an effect on your customers and prospects. So keep on looking for new ways and review existing measures.

Take your time and build up your acquisition goal-oriented. Thus you use your energy and resources profitably and are pleased about the interest of the market in your enterprise.