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Data sources

You can efficiently transfer business data from different sources with snapADDY's software solutions. Here you will find an overview of these sources and details about which data can be transferred specifically.

Email signatures from incoming emails are a valuable source of contact data, as the contained data is usually up-to-date and correct. With snapADDY DataQuality, you can both manually record signatures using copy and paste and automatically extract contact data using the "Email Contact Suggestions" function. For this purpose, you need to connect the email accounts you want to use as a source to our solution via IMAP or Office 365 (Graph API).

The snapADDY DataQuality software solution can automatically search ("crawl") for contact or legal notice pages to extract company master data. You can start searching for such data with snapADDY DataQuality or manually highlighting contact data on web pages and capture it ("grab") using a keyboard shortcut.

We use the Google Places API and display company information from Google Maps or Google Places to enrich the company master data in your CRM system.

snapADDY solutions can capture images of business cards and automatically extract the correct contact data from them using our text and intelligent contact recognition technology.

For the "Social Network Updates" service, we use profiles from business networks such as LinkedIn and Xing that are publicly available to detect changes in individuals' positions or companies. In addition, contacts can be transferred directly to snapADDY DataQuality based on profiles in business networks. Only the position, the name, and the company name are transferred.


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