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Release Notes

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DataQuality 8.13.0


  • Improved Duplicatecheck when having special characters in some contact fields
  • Improved Duplicatecheck if necessary contact information are missing
  • Improved Duplicatecheck for Accounts in SAP
  • Added position (internal: ContactFunctionalTitleName) field to the SAP's Lead/Contact default mapping



  • Fixed a timeout problem in the Company Data Search
  • Fixed an issue where the Hubspot export modal didn't open when we found a duplicate with missing information
  • Fixed an issue where the error modal wasn't shown after a failed Pipedrive export
  • Fixed an issue in the Salesforce export where converted leads were shown as lead duplicated
  • Removed support for the SAP OData v1 API (was deprecated since February 2020)

DataQuality 8.12.0


  • VisitReport:
    • Added multiple signature support


  • Fixed the CRM link in the Dynamics-Updater success toast now opens the correct Dynamics UI
  • Fixed the LinkedIn search for contacts with "van" and "von" in their name
  • Fixed an issue where switching organizations could cause an endless http request loop
  • Show correct error messages if a login method (SSO, Username/Password) is not allowed in your organization