Notes & Attachments

In snapADDY VisitReport, notes and attachments can be easily attached to a visit report. In a second step the attachments can be transferred directly to your CRM system.

Image files as attachments

If you want to capture an image after or during a sales interview, this is not a problem in snapADDY VisitReport. Create a picture and attach it to your contact at any time in the app. Whether it is a picture of the contact person, a company flyer or other important details, the app directly opens the camera of your smartphone or tablet and you can capture an image as an attachment.

snapADDY VisitReport: image files as attachments

Notes on your visit reports

At an exhibtion there is always additional information about a prospect that goes beyond the questionnaire. However, this special or additional information should not be lost. You can store these additional information in the note field provided for this purpose. In the CRM export, these are stored in the note section in the respective CRM system linked to the contact person. The note is always available to the sales representative via a quick link in the navigation.

snapADDY VisitReport: notes on a visit report

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Attachments via pictures

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