snapADDY video instructions

You want to start immediately and import new contact information from the grabber or the business card scanner app into your CRM system or update existing data? Here you will find an overview of all snapADDY features and some briefly explained video instructions.

snapADDY Grabber functionality

snapADDY Grabber Quick Start

A short overview

Address Grabber

Our algorithm explained

Contact Page Crawler

Extracting address data from the web

Contact Person Search

Searching for contact persons on Xing/LinkedIn

Quick Search

Creating a complete lead fastly

Business Card Scanner

Importing business cards into your CRM system

Business Cards Collecting Point

The Business Card Scanner in practice

Editing contacts

Working with contact cards

Duplicate Check

How are duplicates recognized?

Export (Excel, CSV, vCards)

How to export details from the snapADDY Grabber

General Settings

Setting up general settings in your snapADDY Grabber

User administration in the dashboard

Administrating your organization in snapADDY