Follow-up mails on the go

With snapADDY VisitReport you can send your follow-up emails directly on the go from your trade fair visit. By establishing a connection to different email service providers you can send a specific follow-up mail configured for each fair directly after your meetings. By reaching out to potential customers with a follow-up mail directly after the first contact, they can still remember your product or solution - you have the advantage!

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Follow-up mails for different questionnaires

Because snapADDY VisitReport allows you to configure a separate questionnaire for each fair or field service assignment, you can also set up various follow-up mails for each individual fair. The connection can currently be set up conveniently in addition to the in-house snapADDY solution in the dashboard for the RapidMail, Mailchimp/Mandrill and Episerver (formerly Optivo) systems. Make sure your follow-up mail is always up to date and authentic - adapted to every trade fair or field service assignment.

Follow-up mails via snapADDY

Send follow-up mails from the fair quickly and easily with snapADDY without any additional mail provider and at no additional cost!

Prepare your specific email for each questionnaire in the backend: You can use placeholders for specific answers of your questionnaire to make the follow-up mail dynamic for each contact. Likewise, your email can be created in different languages and can be provided with attachments. The sending can either be triggered manually or automated with the export.

Send your follow-up mails at the right time

Choose when you want to send the mails! You can either choose to send a follow-up email immediately after a visit report has been marked as checked in the snapADDY Backend (Episerver and RapidMail only) or to trigger the email with a mouse click. An employee in the office, for example, can check incoming leads from the fair in the snapADDY Dashboard - once they have been marked as checked, the follow-up mail is sent. Using that workflow, you can make sure that you only send emails to contacts whose correct data entry has been checked beforehand!

Follow-up mails at the right time

Individual attachments & text as a follow-up

You get even more possibilities when sending your follow-up mails if you map your individual fields from snapADDY VisitReport to the e-mail gateway. If you have selected that a customer is interested in a certain product, it is possible that an e-mail with a flyer or brochure attached for this exact product will also be sent in the follow-up mail. In addition, you can use individual fields to insert custom text modules into the follow-up emails. Using that workflow, you can respond more precisely and personalized to your sales opportunity at the fair in the immediate aftermath. The advantage is your's!

More options with mapping

Access via convenient API connection

The connection to one of the email service providers can be set up conveniently in snapADDY Dashboard. Via an API connection you can currently connect the services RapidMail, Mailchimp/Mandrill and Episerver. Due to the simple workflow you only have to set up the API once and then connect the ID of the visit report with the respective follow-up mail!

Access to service providers via API