snapADDY Grabber

Automatic collection of contact data from different data sources: email signatures, business cards, web pages or business networks. Transfer & update contacts in your CRM system without manual research!

Address Grabber

The foundation for our automatic address recognition is the snapADDY address parser, which can recognize an address from an unstructured text. An alghorithm structures anything found and extracts information values as name, company or telephone number. You can use various input ressources in order to capture adress data: directly from e-mail signatures, contact pages on websites or from PDF documents.

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Contact Person Search

By integrating snapADDY Grabber with the business networks XING & LinkedIn, you can transfer contact information directly into your CRM system. Add an address directly to a profile or search for suitable contact persons within a company directly in snapADDY. Your addresses are now enriched with a true contact person and therefore much more valuable.

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Contact Page Crawler

An extended function within snapADDY Grabber is the Contact Page Crawler. This feature automatically extracts the master data of a company from its website. This function is available within the snapADDY Grabber for the completion and refinement of contact data. Via the quick search, a contact page can be extracted by just entering a company name and the push of a button.

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Contact Page Crawler

Business Cards Scanner App

The app is our connection to the analog world. The Business Card Scanner App allows you to transfer the contact data from your collected business cards quickly and easily into your CRM system. The data is imported into the Grabber using a photo from the app. You can further improve the contact information as usual with the Contact Partner Search or the Email-Finder within snapADDY Grabber.

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Business Card Scanner app

CRM Updater

Nothing outdates as quickly as contact data in a CRM system. The snapADDY Updater can be used to start an update process directly from your CRM system. Even new contacts within an already existing organization can be added easily and quickly.

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snapADDY CRM updater


The snapADDY Email-Tracking for Outlook allows you to get evaluations of your sent mails. Find out directly when your conversation counterpart is busy reading your mail or even when he clicks a link in your mail. You are able to react immediately!

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snapADDY Email Tracking

snapADDY Grabberat a glance

Contact Person Search

Find and capture the right contact person


Validate & search for specific e-mail addresses!

Contact Page Crawler

Capture current company data

Business Cards Scanner

Capture business cards without typing

Data security

Standardized formats & no typographical errors

CRM update

Update company data automatically


Get the right timing!

CRM integration

We support many common CRM systems

Make time-consuming contact data collection become a thing of the past.

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