snapADDY for Odoo

snapADDY Grabber supports you in your daily sales work. Find the right contact persons and company data with our automated processes. Forget any manual typing of contacts in your Odoo CRM system and avoid typing errors - snapADDY is doing the hard work for you.

snapADDY & OdooHighspeed sales.


snapADDY for Odoo uses standardized processes in the lead research process in order to avoid different spelling styles in your CRM. Use snapADDY and score a higher data quality in your Odoo CRM. Discover it live in action now!

Automatic integration in your CRM

Transfering leads from a single company name into a complete contact with the matching company data and get them into your Odoo CRM has never been that easy. Highlight your address, press "CTRL + C + C" and snapADDY is doing the work for you by mapping the data into the right adress format. By using snapADDY you have a lot more time to really do what you can do best. Turning leads into new customers!

Odoo: create a lead

High-quality leads and opportunities

snapADDY supports you in avoiding typing erros. Because of its standardised process the data quality in your Odoo CRM is going to scale up. You can use a contact page from a company’s website or a email signature and turn that data into a complete lead in seconds. You are targeting for leads within a certain group? snapADDY offers filter for different departments in order to just get people who are working in sales for example.

high data quality in Odoo with snapADDY

Easy & fast configuration

Connecting your Odoo CRM system to snapADDY has to be done in a convenient and easy way once. Switch to the snapADDY settings, enter your Odoo URL and your account details. You now have a lasting connection between snapADDY and Odoo and you can start transfering contacts into your CRM.

Odoo CRM: simple connection

Make time-consuming contact data collection become a thing of the past.