snapADDY for Outlook

Combine Microsoft Outlook with snapADDY to simplify your daily work! The integration of snapADDY in Outlook leads to more efficient and faster processes in your everyday sales work. Use our special Outlook features in order to save, complete or enrich your Outlook contacts.

snapADDY & Microsoft Outlook Your sales dream team

Microsoft Outlook

With snapADDY, the time-consuming maintenance of your contacts becomes a thing of the past. Stop wasting time and start focussing on what is really important: acquiring new customers!

Quickly save new contacts to your Outlook Address Book

With snapADDY for Outlook you are able to save new contacts to your Outlook Address Book within seconds. If you want to grab contact data from an email signature, a document on your computer or a web page, you only have to highlight the data and press “CTRL+C+C”. The data are automatically recognized as a contact and are loaded into snapADDY Grabber. There you can enrich already existing contact information by using other awesome snapADDY features. The completed and/or enriched contact can be transfered to Outlook with just one click.

Microsoft Outlook: Save contacts to your Outlook Address Book

Pictures say more than a thousand words

Profile images as an addition to your Outlook contacts help you with your sales tasks. When we have a picture of our contact person in mind, the communication is more personal (e.g. during a phone call) and therfore much easier. snapADDY for Outlook offers different ways to add a picture to a contact. You can either right-click on a contact in the Outlook Address Book and select "Add contact picture", or open a contact in snapADDY Grabber and click the edit icon (pencil) in the image placeholder. In both cases, a Google Image Search with the contact’s name and company name is triggered, from which you can select a suitable image for your contact.

Microsoft Outlook: Add a contact picture

Update your existing Outlook contacts with snapADDY

Exclusively for Outlook users, snapADDY makes it possible to import up to 50 Outlook contacts into snapADDY Grabber at once. Inside snapADDY Grabber, you are able to quickly enrich or update these contacts with new information. For example: You only have a general company e-mail of a certain contact. snapADDY’s Email Finder suggests a personal e-mail address for your contact. Simply click the envelope icon next to the e-mail field. After updating the contact information, you can easily save the updated contact back to your Outlook Address Book. Improve the data quality of your Outlook contacts by using the update feature in snapADDY Grabber.

snapADDY for  Microsoft Outlook: Update contacts

Email tracking for your perfect sales strategy

You want to address your prospective customers when they have just opened their email and you know that they’re available? With snapADDY’s e-mail tracking for Outlook, we give exactly an answer to that question. Our e-mail tracker notfies you when your email was opened by the recipient. This way, you are always informed about the status of your mails and you can avoid unnecessary calls to non-available contacts. With snapADDY you know when the right time has come to reach out to your prospects!

snapADDY for  Microsoft Outlook: E-Mail tracking

Make time-consuming contact data collection become a thing of the past.