snapADDY DataQuality for Outlook

snapADDY DataQuality for Outlook automates and simplifies the transfer of contact data from emails. The intelligent Outlook add-in recognizes contact data in email signatures and saves it in the Outlook address book or directly in the CRM.

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Read and process contact data from email signatures

With snapADDY DataQuality for Outlook, it is possible to interactively transfer contacts contained in email signatures. With a single click, you can save new contacts in your Outlook address book, create new leads in your CRM system or update existing contacts and accounts in your CRM.

Integrated duplicate checks

The integrated duplicate check scans your CRM system for possible duplicates of contact data found in your email. The Outlook add-in shows in real-time whether a matching lead, contact, or account already exists. In this way, gaps in existing data records are detected and filled. You can always maintain the data quality of your CRM system at the highest level.

Supported CRM systems

The following CRM systems are supported: Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP Sales Cloud, and Pipedrive. To use the Outlook add-in, it is necessary to install snapADDY DataQuality and have a license. However, you do not need a permanent connection between snapADDY DataQuality and your email inbox to use the Outlook add-in for automatic message checking.

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